What is the cheapest car insurance for lawyers?

Car insurance for lawyers is lower than the national average, largely due to a low-risk career and higher education. Remember that your specific rate will be determined by many factors like your location, the car you drive, and any endorsements you add to your base plan.

Below, the table shows the average rates for lawyers at eight top insurance companies.

CompanyAverage base rateAverage rate for lawyersPrice difference ($)Price difference (%)
Acuity A Mutual$2,245$2,179$662.94%
Country Financial$1,645$1,555$905.47%
Grange Mutual$1,154$1,046$1089.36%
Mercury Insurance$2,276$2,166$1104.83%
State Auto$4,277$4,143$1343.13%

When compared across a group of insurance companies, it’s clear that Progressive offers the best car insurance for lawyers, both in terms of dollars saved and in percentage, at just under 17%. However, Progressive’s rate is still higher than several of the other companies listed so what you pay will depend on your actual base rate; if it’s lower than average you may pay less overall.

On the other end, Acuity and AAA have discounts that are less than 3% off the average rate, and higher base rates, making both companies more expensive. Again, however, your rates will vary.

Car insurance discounts for lawyers

Members of the American Bar Association can get car insurance and many other types of personal insurance through the organization as a membership benefit. The insurance the association offers is administered by USI Affinity, a company with 70 years of experience in administering insurance for affinity groups of all types.

Lawyers may also get cheaper car insurance simply because they are a lower risk.

"They’re looking at a certain set of data and saying ‘if we write insurance for a certain group of people, how often and what amount are we paying out for claims’," says Josiah Hatch, owner of Bender Hatch Insurance in Boston, Mass.

How else can lawyers get cheaper car insurance rates?

Like everyone else, the best car insurance rates for lawyers can be found by price shopping. If you compare car insurance rates for lawyers from multiple companies, you’ll find the cheapest auto insurance option for your needs. And if you ask about the following discounts you could lower your premiums even more::

Every company is different and will offer different rates, so the more you search and the more companies you compare, the more likely you are to find the best plan at the best price for you.


Insurance.com commissioned rates from Quadrant Data Services in 2022 for a 40-year-old driver with a clean record and good credit, with full coverage. Base rates were compared to rates for lawyers from each company.