What is a wind mitigation insurance discount?

A wind mitigation insurance discount is a discount on home insurance for upgrades to your home that reduce the risk of damage in a storm with high winds, such as a hurricane. These discounts are also known as hurricane loss mitigation discounts.

The state of Florida mandates that all insurance companies offer discounts for hurricane mitigation. It also outlines the construction features for which discounts must be offered. 

Discounts are also mandated in Louisiana. In other states, discounts may be hit or miss.

In Texas, homeowners who have purchased coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, an insurer of last resort, can qualify for a discount after an inspection.

How much does a wind mitigation discount save on insurance?

The amount of the discount for wind mitigation depends on the insurance company and which mitigation features your home includes.

As an example, we gathered average discounts for storm shutters from the companies for which we have data available. These are averages across all states for which the discount was found, and your discount may vary.

CompanyAnnual premium before shuttersAnnual premium after shutters% saving
Amica Mutual$2,512$2,4383%
Arbella Insurance$1,532$1,4625%
Farmers Insurance$4,304$4,2741%
Mapfre Insurance$1,599$1,5742%
New Jersey Manufacturers$958$954>1%

These discounts aren’t large, but bear in mind that the average home insurance premium in Florida is $4,218. A discount of 5% saves you about $210 a year on that amount.

Larger updates can make a much bigger dent in how much you pay.

“According to Florida insurance agents, wind mitigation could reduce your home insurance premium by up to 50%, but this varies by insurer and how many actions the homeowner has taken to improve the resilience of their property. A roof replacement typically generates a 20% discount,” Friedlander says.

How to qualify for a wind mitigation discount

A wind mitigation inspection is required in Florida and Texas to qualify for the discount.  

“A wind mitigation verification inspection form must be filed with your insurer to obtain the discounts offered. Florida insurers are mandated by state regulations to provide some type of discount for wind mitigation, but the amount of the discounts can vary by provider,” Friedlander says.

Florida lists the following wind mitigation features that the inspector will look for and report on:

  • Roof covering (type of roofing and age)
  • Roof deck attachment
  • Roof-to-wall connections
  • Roof shape
  • Secondary water resistance (barrier)
  • Shutters

Louisiana has a similar list but also the Department of Insurance also states that the discount may be offered for “other mitigation improvements and/or construction techniques that the insurer may determine to reduce the risk of loss due to wind.”

The My Safe Florida Home program offers grants to assist homeowners with completing wind mitigation upgrades to earn discounts and prevent wind damage from hurricanes.

Submit the wind mitigation report to your insurance company to request a discount on your policy. It’s also a good time to go over any other home insurance discounts for which your home might qualify.

If you’re unsure if wind mitigation discounts are offered in your state, check with your insurance company and the state insurance department.


Insurance.com commissioned discount and rate information from Quadrant Data Services for storm shutter discounts. Rates were gathered in the fall of 2023 and are based on the nationwide average in states where data was available for a home with $300,000 in dwelling coverage and liability and a $1,000 deductible.