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Travelers is the best home insurance company in Florida, based on our analysis of rates, customer service ratings and financial stability. It's also one of the cheapest options for homeowners insurance in Florida. Security First is the only company with cheaper average rates.

Home insurance in Florida is expensive and only increasing, especially in coastal areas with the highest hurricane risk. The average cost of home insurance in Florida is $4,218 a year for a policy with a 2% hurricane deductible and $2,426 without the hurricane deductible. That cheaper rate leaves you vulnerable to hurricane damage.

Below, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to get the best homeowners insurance in Florida. We’ll break down Florida homeowners insurance rates by county and ZIP code and show you how to get the cheapest home insurance in Florida without compromising coverage or service.

Key takeaways

  • Homeowners insurance in Florida costs an average of $4,218 a year with a 2% hurricane deductible.
  • If you don't have a hurricane deductible on your policy, you might not have hurricane coverage; check your policy.
  • Travelers has the best and cheapest home insurance in Florida at an average rate of $1,108 a year.

How much is home insurance in Florida?

The average home insurance cost in Florida is $4,218 a year, nearly $1,441 more than the national average of $2,777. These averages are based on the following coverage:

  • $300,000 dwelling coverage
  • $1,000 deductible/2% hurricane deductible
  • $300,000 liability

These rates include a hurricane deductible. Without it, the average rate is $2,426. This seems like a bargain, but if the hurricane deductible isn't selected, hurricane damage to your home likely isn't covered. Make sure you read the fine print so you don't find yourself without coverage.

Florida faces a property insurance crisis, with rates rising fast, which makes finding affordable Florida homeowners insurance from a solid company harder, especially if you live near the coast.

S&P Global reported an average rate increase of 42.1% since 2022 in Florida. An survey found Florida to be the hardest hit by the insurance crisis, along with California.

“Shop around among several different carriers. While many companies have gone bankrupt or are refusing to write new policies in Florida, there are still companies making sure Florida homeowners are protected,” says Anthony Martin, CEO of Choice Mutual.

Best homeowners insurance companies in Florida

Travelers is the best home insurance company in Florida thanks to low rates and a low complaint ratio with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

The best home insurance companies in Florida are all names you’ll recognize. That means you can get coverage from a top company. ranked home insurers in Florida based on average rates, AM Best financial ratings, and complaint ratios. Remember that some companies only offer coverage in certain parts of Florida.

Best homeowners insurance in Florida
CompanyAM BestAverage annual rateNAIC Complaint score
TravelersA++$ 1,1080.64.93
NationwideA+$ 1,8130.754.54
State FarmA++$ 2,3481.074.49
AllstateA+$ 2,2932.044.25
ProgressiveA+$ 2,5821.384.23
FedNat HoldingA$ 2,5025.023.73
Citizens Property Insurance*A$ 5,2954.592.89

*Citizens is the state-run insurer of last resort.

Cheapest home insurance in Florida

Security First is the cheapest home insurance company among those surveyed by The average rate for the same amount of coverage varies significantly, which is why it pays to compare home insurance quotes.

Home insurance rates can vary a lot depending on the company you choose. The table below provides a look at average rates from home insurance companies in Florida, including national and local companies. Several dwelling coverage levels are displayed, all with liability levels of $300,000 and a $1,000 deductible.

Cheapest homeowners insurance in Florida
Security First Insurance$641$887$1,084$1,231$1,379
Heritage Insurance Holdings$1,445$2,167$2,942$3,717$3,931
Universal Insurance Holding$1,602$2,372$3,485$4,028$4,703
State Farm$1,760$2,348$2,950$3,713$4,461
HCI Group Inc$1,983$2,998$4,012$4,876$5,540
Citizens Property Insurance*$3,925$5,295$6,301$6,843$7,343

*Citizens is the state-run insurer of last resort.

Florida homeowners insurance rates by ZIP code

ZIP codes in Pensacola and Siesta Key are among the most expensive places to insure a home in Florida. Tallahassee has the least expensive neighborhoods for home insurance costs. analyzed home insurance rates from major insurance companies in nearly every ZIP code in Florida.

For $300,000 dwelling coverage with a $1,000 deductible (2% hurricane) and $300,000 liability limits, the average rate of $6,732 in Pensacola ZIP code 32508 is the highest. Among the most expensive ZIP codes for home insurance in the state is 34242, $6,295 for Siesta Key.

ZIP codes in Tallahassee are the cheapest, with ZIPs 32306 and 32307 both having an average annual rate of $2,632.

Enter your ZIP code in the search box in our tool below to see the average home insurance rate for your area, as well as the highest and lowest premium fielded from major insurers. Default rates are for coverage of $300,000 dwelling  and liability and a $1,000 deductible.

This will give you an idea of how much you can save by comparing home insurance rates for your home.

Florida homeowners insurance rates by county

Home insurance rates in Florida vary by county. Take a look at the average rates by county in Florida below to see how costs compare.

County $300,000 with $1,000 deductible and $300,000 liability
Indian River$2,300 
Palm Beach$2,703 
Santa Rosa$1,938 
St. Johns$1,694 
St. Lucie$2,659 

Homeowners insurance in Florida by city

Tallahassee has the cheapest homeowners insurance among the state's largest cities, with an average rate of $2,650 per year, which is $220 per month. Rates below are shown with a 2% hurricane deductible.

City Average annual rate Average monthly rate
Port St. Lucie$5,235$436
Fort Lauderdale$4,883$407

Florida homeowners insurance rates by coverage levels

Below are average rates for homeowners insurance in Florida by coverage level, including coverage with and without a hurricane deductible. Deductibles are $1,000 for all perils and 2% for hurricanes.

First, rates without a hurricane deductible. Please note that these rates may not include any coverage for hurricane damage.

Rates by coverage level, no hurricane deductible

Coverage level (no hurricane)Average rate
$200,000 with $100,000 liability$1,623
$200,000 with $300,000 liability$1,651
$300,000 with $100,000 liability$2,260
$300,000 with $300,000 liability$2,279
$400,000 with $100,000 liability$2,860
$400,000 with $300,000 Liability$2,880
$500,000 with $100,000 liability$3,373
$500,000 with $300,000 liability$3,393
$600,000 with $100,000 liability$3,747
$600,000 with $300,000 liability$3,767

Rates by coverage level, 2% hurricane deductible

Coverage level (with hurricane) Average rate
$200,000 with $100,000 liability$3,670
$200,000 with $300,000 liability$3,688
$300,000 with $100,000 liability$4,200
$300,000 with $300,000 liability$4,218
$400,000 with $100,000 liability$4,813
$400,000 with $300,000 liability$4,831
$500,000 with $100,000 liability$5,231
$500,000 with $300,000 Liability$5,252
$600,000 with $100,000 liability$5,650
$600,000 with $300,000 liability$5,669

Why is homeowners insurance going up in Florida?

Insurance companies cite the following reasons why homeowners insurance is so expensive in Florida:

  • High rates for reinsurance, which is insurance that backs up insurance companies
  • Water-leak damage claims from non-hurricane causes
  • Claims from recent hurricanes are still being filed, as homeowners have a three-year window to do so.

“Two other primary factors are driving the excessive rate increases Florida homeowners are experiencing: rapid roof replacement fraud schemes and runaway litigation,” says Friedlander.

“Unscrupulous roofers tell homeowners there was recent storm damage in the area and are replacing roofs for free, even when they don’t qualify for insurance coverage. The insurer rejects the claim because it’s not a legitimate insured loss [and] the contractor partners with an unscrupulous attorney to file a lawsuit against the insurer. Even if the case never goes to court, the related expenses are exorbitant for the insurer.”

Friedlander explains that Florida is the country's most volatile private insurance marketplace and is on a trajectory toward collapse due to roof replacement fraud schemes and runaway litigation, resulting in huge losses for insurance companies.

“More than 100,000 property claim lawsuits were filed against Florida home insurers in 2021, equating to more than 80% of property claim lawsuits filed in the United States. In fact, no other state has more than 900 property claim lawsuits filed last year,” says Friedlander., in 2022, commissioned Quadrant Information Systems to field home insurance rates from major insurers in each state for nearly all ZIP codes in the country for 10 coverage levels based on various dwelling and deductible limits. The homeowner profile is a 35-year-old married applicant with an excellent insurance score; new business HO-3 policy for a house built in 2000 with frame construction and composition roof. Other Structures: 10%. Loss of Use defaulted: 10%. Personal Property defaulted: 50%. Guest Medical limit: $5,000. Content is updated for 2024.

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