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South Carolina Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance in South Carolina is in the middle of the pack when it comes to cost. The average cost of a home insurance policy is $2,379, below the national average of $2,777, based on 2022 rates analyzed by

A lot of factors influence home insurance rates. Below, we’ll look at how those factors affect South Carolina home insurance, comparing rates for different ZIP codes and coverage levels. We’ll also take a look at some of the best homeowners insurance companies in South Carolina.

  • The average home insurance rate in South Carolina is $2,379 per year or $253 per month, below the national average of $2,777.
  • Allstate is the cheapest home insurance company in South Carolina at an average rate of $1,515 per year. 
  • The most expensive ZIP code in South Carolina is 29585 with an average annual rate of $4,637. The least expensive ZIP code in South Carolina is 29601 with an average annual rate of $1,792.

What is the average cost of South Carolina home insurance?

The average cost of home insurance in South Carolina is $2,379 a year based on’s 2022 rates, making South Carolina the 22nd most expensive state in the country for home insurance. Rates are $380, or 13%, less than the national average of $2,777, for the coverage level of:

  • $300,000 dwelling coverage
  • $1,000 deductible
  • $300,000 liability

South Carolina homeowners insurance comparison by ZIP code

It’s no surprise that coastal areas are the highest locations for home insurance in South Carolina. The most expensive ZIP code in South Carolina is 29585 with an average annual rate of $4,637. The least expensive ZIP code in South Carolina is 29601 with an average annual rate of $1,792.

Enter your ZIP code in the search box and desired coverage level to see the average home insurance rate for that area and the highest and lowest premium fielded from major insurers. This will give you an idea of how much you can save by comparing home insurance rates.


Average home insurance rates in CALIFORNIA

94404 - Foster City
Dwelling $200,000, Deductible $1,000 and Liability $100,000.



Most & least expensive zip codes for homeowners insurance in California

Most Expensive

Zip CodeCityHighest Rate
92391Twin Peaks$1,426
92321Cedar Glen$1,425
92352Lake Arrowhead$1,423

Least Expensive

Zip CodeCityLowest Rate
95051Santa Clara$743

Home insurance rates in South Carolina by city

Below are rates for some of South Carolina’s largest cities, for a policy with $300,000 dwelling coverage, a $1,000 deductible and $300,000 in liability protection.

Homeowners insurance in Greenville is the cheapest at $1,811 per year, while home insurance in Charleston is most expensive at $2,999 per year.

CityAverage rateCompared to the state average of $2,379
Greenville$1,811$568 less
Columbia$2,117$262 less
Myrtle Beach$2,800$421 more
North Charleston$2,952$573 more
Charleston$2,999$620 more

South Carolina homeowners insurance rates by coverage level

The table below displays South Carolina rates for coverage of $200,000, $300,000, $400,000, $500,000, and $600,000 with a $1,000 deductible and liability limits of $100,000 and $300,000.

CoverageAverage annual rate
$200,000 dwelling/$100,000 liability$1,801
$200,000 dwelling/$300,000 liability$1,812
$300,000 dwelling/$100,000 liability$2,369
$300,000 dwelling/$300,000 liability$2,379
$400,000 dwelling/$100,000 liability$2,834
$400,000 dwelling/$300,000 liability$2,845
$500,000 dwelling/$100,000 liability$3,154
$500,000 dwelling/$300,000 liability$3,164
$600,000 dwelling/$100,000 liability$3,435
$600,000 dwelling/$300,000 liability$3,446

Best homeowners insurance companies in South Carolina

The following are the best national homeowners insurance companies that do business in South Carolina based on J.D. Power ratings, A.M Best ratings, and the rating out of 5 based on the 2022 best home insurance rankings.

Company NameJ.D. Power ratingA.M best rating (out of 5)
State Farm829A++3.5

USAA offers insurance only to military veterans and their families.

Cheapest home insurance companies in South Carolina

Based on a 2022 rate analysis, Allstate is the cheapest home insurance company, among carriers surveyed. Allstate, USAA, State Farm, Progressive and South Carolina Farm Bureau also had cheap insurance rates for South Carolina homeowners compared to the other companies. Here are home insurance rates by company for dwelling and liability coverage of $300,000, with a $1,000 deductible.

Company NameAverage annual rate
State Farm$2,189
South Carolina Farm Bureau$2,927
Farmers Insurance$3,849

Because costs are not uniform, it's crucial to shop around for the right policy and save up to hundreds of dollars annually.

South Carolina home insurance discounts

There are several ways to reduce your South Carolina home insurance costs. Many insurers will lower your bill if you purchase more than one type of insurance policy from them. This process – known as "bundling" – can cut your costs by up to 14%, on average, according to’s discount data analysis.

You can also cut your costs by making your home more disaster-resistant. Installing hurricane glass or accordion shutters might net you a discount.

Other possible home insurance discounts include:

  • Installing smoke detectors, a burglar alarm, or dead-bolt locks -- 3% for smoke detectors and 1% each for burglar alarm and dead-bolt locks.
  • Installing a sprinkler system, and a fire and burglar alarm -- 4% to 7%
  • Loyalty discounts –- about 8% on average, after three to five years, and 12% for 10 years or more

Frequently asked questions: South Carolina home insurance

What can I do if I can't get homeowners insurance in South Carolina?

If you are struggling to find the right homeowners insurance coverage in South Carolina, ask for help via the South Carolina Department of Insurance's SC Market Assist program. You can request free assistance online or call 1-843-577-3415.

Once you make a request, a representative of the Department of Insurance will contact you with a list of insurers willing to sell you a policy.

Where do I get claims processing information or file a complaint against an insurer?

The South Carolina Department of Insurance allows you to file a complaint at the department website. It can also provide assistance with claims.

Do I need hurricane insurance in South Carolina?

For many homeowners, a standard home insurance policy will cover damage from wind. However, South Carolina is among 19 states in which insurance companies are allowed to charge a hurricane deductible, according to the III. That means that you will pay a separate deductible before your insurance kicks in for damages resulting from a hurricane.

In some areas, hurricane coverage may not be part of a standard policy; read the fine print to be sure.

Is flood insurance covered by South Carolina homeowners insurance?

Floods are not covered by a standard home insurance policy. You will need to buy a flood insurance policy, available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Is hail damage covered?

Homeowners insurance typically covers hail damage to the structure of your home, including the roof, windows, a deck or the garage.

Homeowners in areas more vulnerable to hail damage - such as along the coast - might have trouble securing coverage on the open insurance market. Those homeowners can turn to the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association for coverage.

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