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homeowners insurance in Indiana

Climate change has become a growing concern in the U.S., but Indiana is one state that may be hit the hardest. Extreme heat continues to be a problem in the Hoosier State, with climate change predicted to hit the region heavily. Flooding also continues to be a problem for homeowners, with over 270,000 people living in high-risk areas for flooding.

Considering the weather hazards, it may not be surprising to know that the average cost of homeowners insurance Indiana residents face is actually less than the national average cost. The average Indiana home insurance policy costs $2,608 per year, which is $536 less than the national average cost of $3,144 per year. This is based on an Indiana homeowners insurance policy consisting of $300,000 in dwelling coverage and $300,000 in liability coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

However, the cheapest home insurance company is not always the best for your needs. That is why we also look at the best Indiana home insurance companies to offer a well-rounded portrait of your options for Indiana home insurance coverage.

  • The average cost of home insurance In Indiana is $2,608 per year, which is $536 less than the national cost of home insurance.
  • Allstate has the cheapest Indiana home insurance at an average cost of $1,897 per year. 
  • Gary has the most expensive home insurance rates in Indiana at an average cost of $3,345 per year. 
  • Fort Wayne has the cheapest Indiana home insurance at an average cost of $2,222 per year.

5 Best homeowners insurance companies in Indiana

To find the best home insurance rates in Indiana, we surveyed actual consumers to find the top 15 major insurance carriers using several different customer service metrics. Our reviews serve as an independent editorial analysis, kept neutral from a lack of affiliations or partnerships and rated without a pay-for-play setup.

Our ratings are based on several critical factors. We consider the types of home insurance coverage available, price, discounts, and claims process. We also look to industry experts for the latest industry ratings, such as J.D. Power for customer satisfaction and AM Best for financial stability. Based on these factors and more, these are the five best home insurance companies in Indiana.

AIG: Best for custom coverage

AIG home insurance is available via AIG Private Client Group, providing coverage designed for Indiana’s wealthier homeowners with coverage for second homes and international properties. Your home insurance policy can also cover pet damages and include protection for your home’s landscaping. You even have the option to add insurance for rare art, fine wine, vintage couture, or any other valuables in your private collection. By including all of your belongings under one policy, you significantly simplify your Indiana home insurance policy.

AIG is all about the personal touch with customized quotes, personalized policies, and bonus protections. These extended coverages, plus above-average scores in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Home Insurance Study, make AIG a great choice when you want great customer service.

Auto-Owners: Best for discounts

Auto-Owners gives homeowners plenty of ways to save on their home insurance with loyalty discounts and multiple policies. If you go green with paperless statements, you could lower the cost of your overall premiums. There are also other discounts like early renewal, excellent payment history, or paying in full. Your home can save you money, too, with discounts for protective devices, water shut-off systems, and an automatic backup generator.

With all that you save, you can consider some of Auto-Owner’s optional coverage types, like guaranteed home replacement cost, water and sewer backup, and ordinance or law coverage. Auto-Owners has a signature program designed specifically for homeowners that bundle many types of popular insurance coverage. Called Homeowners Plus, this offers increased policy limits for certain damages to your home.

The Hartford: Best for seniors

The Hartford offers home insurance through its AARP® Homeowners Insurance Program. With a special focus on senior homeowners, there are plenty of add-on protections to ensure that you are covered even if your entire home is destroyed. Full replacement cost coverage provides extended protection should you experience a total loss. With this additional coverage, you can receive up to 150% of your policy limits, depending on where you live. You can also add the ProtectorPLUS Zero Deductible Benefit coverage, which will waive your deductible up to $5,000 if you experience a loss of $27,500 or more.

Senior homeowners can also receive a retiree credit for AARP homeowners that are either retired or work less than 24 hours per week. Bundling your insurance policies could save you up to 5% off your auto insurance and up to 20% off your home insurance. There are also extra discounts for home security and safety device systems.

Farmers: Best for bundles

Lots of companies offer bundle discounts, but Farmers is generous with an average savings of $730 for policyholders that bundle home and auto insurance. Bundling home and auto insurance can give you up to 20% off your home insurance policy and up to 45% off auto insurance through the Farmers and Foremost program.

There are plenty of bundle discounts for several other types of insurance, including renters, condo, mobile homes, and even flood insurance. Even with auto insurance, there are several options for bundling your homeowners policy with the available motorcycle, RV, boat, and classic car insurance. Plus, with every year that your policy remains in force, you can receive $50 off with the Declining Deductibles program.

Erie: Best for guaranteed replacement coverage

Erie is an excellent choice when you want enhanced replacement coverage for your home. There is 100% guaranteed replacement cost protection that will replace your home in its entirety. This also includes the upgrades in your home, such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, and other custom touches. For additional protection, there is extended replacement cost that provides up to 25% over your policy’s limits. You can also add water backup and sump overflow with service line protection

Your options do not end there. Erie also offers coverage for valuables, as well as more sensitive items, like your passport, deed, or accounts. You can add on protection for other items, too, like gift card and gift certificate reimbursement coverage, up to $500 for cash and precious metals, and up to $500 in coverage for animals, birds and fish in the home.

Cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Indiana

To find the cheapest homeowners insurance Indiana has, we base our analysis on the same coverage levels. We use a sample policy for homeowners insurance that includes $300,000 in dwelling coverage, $300,000 in liability coverage and a $1,000 deductible.

The cheapest Indiana home insurance company is Nationwide, with an average cost of $1,806 per year. Allstate and Farmers are next, averaging $1,897 and $2,046 per year, respectively.

Average cost of homeowners insurance in Indiana

Indiana is not one of the cheapest states for home insurance but it isn't the most expensive, either. The cost of the average home insurance policy in the U.S. is $3,144 per year. In comparison, the average cost of home insurance in Indiana is $2,608 per year, which is $536 less than the national average.

Indiana homeowners insurance rates by zip code and city

Using our homeowners insurance calculator, we analyzed the average cost of Indiana home insurance by zip code and city. Insurance rates vary based on where you live and especially if you live in a flood zone.

The cheapest city for Indiana home insurance is in Fort Wayne with a zip code of 46818. The average Indiana insurance policy costs $2,222 per year for full coverage, while minimum liability coverage costs $798. The most expensive Indiana home insurance is found in Gary’s 46404 zip code, which holds the highest average annual rates at $3,345 for full coverage and $974 for minimum liability.

Indiana homeowners insurance calculator

To find the cost of home insurance for your Indiana home, you can use our helpful home insurance calculator below. Simply plug in your personal details to receive more details on what costs to expect for your home insurance policy.


Average home insurance rates in CALIFORNIA

94404 - Foster City
Dwelling $200,000, Deductible $1,000 and Liability $100,000.



Most & least expensive zip codes for homeowners insurance in California

Most Expensive

Zip CodeCityHighest Rate
92391Twin Peaks$1,426
92321Cedar Glen$1,425
92352Lake Arrowhead$1,423

Least Expensive

Zip CodeCityLowest Rate
95051Santa Clara$743

Homeowners insurance rates in Indiana by company

Another important consideration is not the average cost of home insurance but rather, the cheapest home insurance company. These are the cheapest companies for Indiana home insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Indiana by Company
Insurance CompanyAverage full liability home insuranceAverage minimum liability home insurance

Homeowners insurance rates in Indiana by coverage level

The cost of home insurance also depends on the amount of coverage you purchase. There is a large difference in cost, depending on where you choose full coverage or minimum coverage.

Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Level
Amount of CoverageAmount of LiabilityDeductibleAverage full coverage costAverage annual minimum coverage cost

Homeowners insurance discounts in Indiana

Home-auto bundle discounts in Indiana

Because car insurance is required in Indiana, it makes sense to bundle your home and auto insurance policies. When you purchase coverage from the same provider, it not only simplifies account management but can also provide serious savings, too.

Homeowners Insurance Discount in Indiana
Type of BundleAverage Base Annual PremiumAverage Annual PremiumAverage Dollar DifferenceAverage Percent Difference
Home And Auto$2,457$2,002-$455-19%

Frequently asked questions about Indiana homeowners insurance

How much is homeowners insurance in Indiana?

The average Indiana home insurance policy costs $2,608 per year, which is $536 less than the national cost of home insurance.

What does standard home insurance cover?

Standard home insurance includes coverage for your dwelling and personal property, in addition to coverage for other structures. Most policies also include liability protection in case there are injuries or damage to property.

How do I get a quote for Indiana home insurance?

To find the cheapest home insurance in Indiana, you can use our homeowner quote calculator to find sample costs for your area and shop the best homeowners insurance in Indiana for your personal needs.


Indiana's flood-prone areas

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