Average home insurance cost in Kansas

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Kansas is $4,843 a year or $404 a month. This is based on coverage of:

  • $300,000 dwelling
  • $300,000 liability
  • $1,000 deductible.

However, the average annual premium varies by the insurance company, your ZIP code, coverage type, your home's age, among other factors. It’s a good idea to compare price quotes from different Kansas homeowners insurance companies to get the best deal.

Best home insurance companies in Kansas

The best home insurance company in Kansas is State Farm, followed by American Family and Farmers.

Below is a full list of the top Kansas insurance companies based on price, NAIC complaints, and AM Best financial ratings. The total Insurance.com score is calculated out of five using these factors.

Best home insurance companies in Kansas
CompanyAM BestNAIC complaint ratioInsurance.com scoreAverage annual rate
State FarmA++0.834.82$3,611
American FamilyA0.83.99$3,751
Data updated in 2024

Cheapest home insurance companies in Kansas

Below are Kansas home insurance rates by company for six different levels of dwelling coverage, each with $300,000 in liability and a $1,000 deductible. Based on our rate analysis, you’ll see Shelter Insurance has the most affordable rates in most coverage levels.

Cheapest home insurance rates in Kansas by coverage level
Shelter Insurance$2,364$3,428$4,503$6,709$10,965
State Farm$2,784$3,611$4,342$6,056$9,140
American Family$3,064$3,751$4,415$5,578$7,650
Iowa Farm bureau$3,080$4,197$5,231$7,241$11,605
Data updated in 2024

Kansas home insurance rates by ZIP code

Home insurance rates can vary widely depending on where the home is located. We compared home insurance rates by ZIP code in Kansas to see which areas are the most and least expensive.

Enter your ZIP code and desired coverage level in the search box to see the average home insurance rate for that area. You will also see the highest and lowest premiums from major home insurers. This will give you an idea of how much you can save by comparing home insurance rates. The difference between the highest rate and the lowest rate is how much you could save by shopping around.

Home insurance calculator

Average home insurance rates in Texas
$200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $600,000 $1,000,000
$100,000 $300,000
Standard ($1000)
Standard ($1000) Hurricane (2% of insured value)

Most & least expensive ZIP codes for homeowners insurance in Texas

Most expensive

ZIP codeCityHighest rate
77586El Lago$9,906

Least expensive

ZIP codeCityLowest rate
78559Iglesia Antigua$1,956
78593Santa Rosa$1,999
79915El Paso$2,008
79905El Paso$2,009
Data updated in 2024

The most expensive ZIP codes in Kansas for home insurance

Kansas homeowners insurance rates are the most expensive for ZIP code 67868 with an average annual cost of $5,839.

The most expensive ZIP codes in Kansas are:

ZIP codeAverage annual rate
Data updated in 2024

The least expensive ZIP codes in Kansas for home insurance

The cheapest ZIP codes for home insurance in Kansas are:

ZIP codeAvg annual rate
Data updated in 2024

Compare homeowners insurance rates by city in Kansas

Home insurance rates vary significantly across cities, influenced by various factors, including weather patterns, crime rates, and property values. You must consider these factors and compare quotes from different insurers to get the best deal on home insurance for your specific city in Kansas.

CityAnnual insurance premium
Fort Riley
Kansas City
Data updated in 2024

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