How much will that ticket raise your car insurance rate?

By Posted : 09/14/2012

Getting a ticket will raise your car insurance rate, but by how much? We found that reckless driving triggers the highest hike -- an average increase of 22 percent -- yet many drivers aren't even sure what constitutes reckless driving. Here we present 14 common traffic violations, along with the average percent increase to car insurance premiums.

Want the info personalized to your individual situation? Our “Uh-Oh! Calculator” allows you to compute the surcharge for your particular case, taking into account where you live, your age, marital status and other factors.

Once you find out what the average annual increase will be, find out how long the surcharge sticks by reading "Got a ticket? You could be paying for it for years."

Uh-Oh: ticket impacting car insurance rates infographic

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