Non-owner car insurance guide

By Posted : 07/06/2015

If you don’t own a car but need to buy car insurance -- either to get a driver's license or have your driver's license reinstated with an SR-22 filing and need SR-22 insurance or have a DUI -- then a non-owner car insurance policy may be just what you need to get back behind the wheel. Give Insurance.com a call at 844-520-1574 and let one of our licensed agents help you evaluate quotes and buy a non-owner car insurance policy.

If you do own a car, you can shop using our quote comparison tool that allows you to compare car insurance quotes side-by-side from top insurance companies. It's free and people have saved an average of $555 when purchasing using our online tool.

Only a few car insurance companies will write you a non-owner insurance policy (also known as a named non-owner policy), and the purchase process means you will have to speak with an agent. Nonetheless, you can definitely get car insurance without a car. Understanding how to compare car insurance will help with the conversation.

Learn more about what a non-owner policy can and can't do.

The cost of a non-owner car insurance

The cost of non-owner auto insurance varies but usually is cheaper than a policy that includes a vehicle. (You'll find sample rates below.) You also are less risky to an insurance company because you don’t have regular access to a car.

Factors that influence pricing include:

  • The amount of liability insurance coverage you want
  • Your driving history
  • Your geographical location
  • How often you plan to use a car

Of course, if your record makes you a high-risk driver needing high-risk auto insurance – you have a DUI, reckless driving or other major offense – a non-owner policy will cost more for you than it would for someone with a clean record since your driving history is a main rating factor for a non-owner policy.

Your state also may require a greater amount of liability coverage for a driver seeking license reinstatement than it does for others.

The SR-22 won’t add to the expense of your car insurance policy, but the insurer may charge a separate one-time filing fee of up to $25.

Here are some examples of rates for drivers in Southern California, comparing liability coverage quotes for both a car owner and a non-owner.

Driver  Owner ($/yr)   Non-Owner ($/yr)   Savings 
Single male, age 25, renter, clean record         $470           $438    7%
Single male, age 25, renter, DUI w/ SR22         $910           $852    6%
Single female, age 40, renter, clean record         $424           $368   13%
Single female, age 40, renter, DUI w/ SR22         $822           $718   13%

How to buy non-owner car insurance

To buy a non-owners auto insurance policy, you need only your driver’s license number and a credit or debit card to put a down payment on your policy.  

You can get proof of insurance almost immediately by e-mail, and the car insurance company you choose will file an SR-22 or other required state filing on your behalf if you need it.

You must speak with an agent to obtain non-owner car insurance quotes and buy this specialty policy.

How a non-owners purchase works

  1. Call Insurance.com (844-520-1574) and inform the agent that you need a non-owners policy.
  2. If an SR-22 is required, provide the agent with the number from your notification from the state (if applicable; not all states require this).  
  3. You’ll be asked to supply the same basic driving history as someone applying for an owner’s policy. 
  4. The agent will give you information on the available companies and rate quotes. 
  5. All carriers require a down payment to begin coverage, but the amount required varies greatly by company and by state. Let your agent know what you would prefer.
  6. Choose the company that you would like to purchase your policy through. The agent completes the purchase. In most cases the company will file the SR-22 directly with the state.

Non-owner car insurance companies

For non-owner policies, the carriers we work with include:

** Companies offer SR-22 and FR-44

Not all companies do business in all states.

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