Should you use insurance to replace a windshield?

Whether to use insurance to replace a windshield depends on the cost, deductible, and your policy's impact on premiums. Using insurance may be practical if the cost is high and the deductible is low. Otherwise, paying out of pocket could be more convenient. Check with your provider for advice.

Does the car warranty cover cracked windshields?

In general, a standard car warranty does not cover a cracked windshield. Car warranties, also known as manufacturer warranties or bumper-to-bumper warranties, typically cover defects in materials or quality that affect the vehicle's performance, safety, or components. They are designed to protect for a certain period or mileage and are provided by the vehicle's manufacturer.

A cracked windshield results from external factors and is not typically considered a manufacturing defect. Therefore, it falls outside the scope of a standard car warranty.

However, some vehicles may have additional warranty coverage or separate warranties that cover glass-related issues. These additional warranties might include coverage for windshield cracks or chips. It's essential to review the terms of your car warranty and any other warranty documents provided by the manufacturer to determine if there is any glass-related coverage.