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Drunk Driving

Posted : 05/01/2011

Drunk drivingDrunk Driving

There are a few circumstances under which your car insurance company is allowed to immediately cancel your policy. Failing to pay your premium, lying on your application or having your license suspended are all grounds for cancelation.

A DUI or DWI conviction will not necessarily lead to cancellation of your auto insurance, Barry says. But an insurer is likely to decide not to renew your policy. If you can find a new insurance company, you’ll likely face a significant price increase and your policy might be limited to the state-required liability minimums.

"Sometimes drivers can keep their car insurance after a DUI, but it depends on whether it is a first-time offense, whether there was an injury to a person or to property and whether there are any extenuating circumstances," says Barry.

Mario Morales, manager of corporate underwriting for MetLife, says that drunk driving generally has a substantial impact on car insurance.

"Not only is drunk driving an egregious offense, but the underlying issue is poor judgment, which is of concern to an insurance company," says Morales.

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