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Bad driving

Posted : 05/01/2011

Bad drivingBad driving

Having one accident - whether it's your fault or another driver's - is not likely to trigger a nonrenewal. But a trail of tickets or accidents will make your insurance company take notice.

"Each insurance company has rating criteria for customers, so you may find that one company will choose not to renew someone after a few tickets while another will be more lenient," says Barry.

In most cases, a decision not to renew is based on cumulative information, Barry says. This might include several moving violations "that demonstrate recklessness" - such as speeding, running a red light or going around a school bus, he says.

Insurance companies review both at-fault and not-at-fault accidents as well as moving violations because they could reveal a pattern of driving habits that could lead to another accident, Morales says.

Instead of nonrenewing you, an insurer could force you to exclude the bad drivers from coverage or refuse to sell you collision coverage, says Morales.

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