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How to cancel a car insurance policy

By Insurance.com Posted : 01/01/2015

Once you compare car insurance quotes and purchase a new policy through a different car insurance company, you need to notify your current carrier that you are canceling your old one.

You should not simply let it lapse.

Insurance policies are automatically renewed unless the company sends you a letter of nonrenewal or you inform the company that you have switched. Before you switch though, you should understand how to switch car insurance companies.

If the policy is renewed automatically and you do not pay the premium, the company may cancel you for nonpayment and report that you do not have coverage to the state and the bank that holds the lien on your vehicle – triggering a wave of further complications. It may also affect your credit history and even the cost of future insurance coverage.

Call, click or lick a stamp?

Insurance.com cancellation formIf you have a local agent, you may be able to call and cancel. He or she may ask for a copy of the declarations page of your new policy.

If you have a policy through an online insurer such as Geico, you may be able to cancel through the company’s online policy management system. The company may ask for information about your new car insurance policy.

Many companies require cancellations in writing. You can send a copy of the declarations page of your new policy along with your cancellation request, or you can fill in the appropriate information in the PDF form below, print it out and send it to your current insurance company’s customer service or billing inquiry address.

Click here to download the cancellation form to your computer.

You’re not quite done

Once a policy is canceled properly, you should expect a final notice confirming the cancellation and a prorated refund of your premium from the date of your cancellation through the end of your term.

Lastly, double-check the declarations page of your new car insurance policy (the first page, listing your coverage and the premiums you pay for each) to ensure that your finance company or lienholder, if there is one, is listed. If not, you’ll need to provide that information to your new insurance carrier and ask them to notify the lienholder.

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