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Auto insurance basics: Getting the best coverage at the lowest rates

Auto insurance basics 101: Learn everything you need to knowDo yourself a big favor. Give yourself some working knowledge on how the auto insurance industry works. Chances are you'll discover how you can protect more than just your vehicle.

For many drivers, car insurance can be a minefield of tricky terminology and confusing coverage options. Understanding the basics can help you safely navigate your way to the right policy at the lowest insurance rates.


Why you need auto insurance

Think you can get away without auto insurance?  Think again.  Car insurance isn't just mandatory in most states, it can save you from thousands of dollars of trouble if you do get into an accident. Read more about why you need insurance and the consequences of driving without it.

Auto Insurance Price Information

Want to save a bundle on auto insurance? Then it's good know how insurance companies come up with your rate. The biggest factor affecting price is you. Where you live, what you drive and how safely you drive, even your education and occupation. If your rate seems high, keep reading and compare quotes

Totaled car: Now what?

Having an accident is traumatic, and dealing with the insurance company afterwards can compound your pain.  You can save yourself pain and money by being prepared for the worst. Read more about what it means when your car is declared to be "totaled."

Auto insurance and the law

Traffic violations can have a big impact on your car insurance rates. It pays to know what the local laws are and what changes might be coming. Learn more about how new rules might effect you and your neighborhood.

Car insurance innovations

As in any industry, the car insurance industry keeps coming up with new products and services. We review the newest innovations and help you understand how they might impact you.

Taking a trip? Check your insurance first.

Will your insurance cover you out of town? Out of state? Out of country? Should you buy additional insurance coverage for your rental car? What does your credit card insurance cover? Want answers to these questions? Let us help you through the labyrinth before you leave the house.