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Ranking the safest cities for driving

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The safest drivers in America hail from Kansas City, Kansas, according to the 11th annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.”

Drivers in this Midwest city can expect to go 13.3 years between accidents, according to the insurance giant’s claims data. Contrast that with 200th-ranked Boston, Massachusetts, where drivers go just 3.9 years between claims.

On average, nationwide, drivers can expect a collision about every 10 years, Allstate says.

Claims frequency in a city or ZIP code is one of many factors that carriers use to calculate your car insurance rates -- along with state laws and your driving record -- but it’s a big one. Premiums can vary widely among neighboring zip codes, based on how many car insurance claims have historically been filed in those areas. 

In addition to your ZIP code, your age, car and homeownership status can all have an impact on your car insurance rates. You can see how others near you insure their cars, what they choose for their deductibles, and what we recommend by using our auto insurance coverage calculator.

Here are the 200 cities as ranked by Allstate in its 2015 report.

1.Kansas City, KS
2.Brownsville, TX
3.Boise, ID
4.Fort Collins, CO
5.Cape Coral, FL
6.Madison, WI
7.Cedar Rapids, IA
8.Laredo, TX
9.Huntsville, AL
10.Cary, NC
11.Wichita, KS
12.Reno, NV
13.Montgomery, AL
14.Olathe, KS
15.Springfield, MO
16.Colorado Springs, CO
17.Kansas City, MO
18.Port St. Lucie, FL
19.Des Moines, IA
20.Birmingham, AL
21.Lincoln, NE
22.Fort Wayne, IN
23.Amarillo, TX
24.Lakewood, CO
25.Mobile, AL
26.Omaha, NE
27.Mesa, AZ
28.Chandler, AZ
29.Knoxville, TN
30.Peoria, AZ
31.Lexington, KY
32.Overland Park, KS
33.Gilbert, AZ
34.Dayton, OH
35.Eugene, OR
36.McAllen, TX
37.Tucson, AZ
38.Winston-Salem, NC
39.Scottsdale, AZ
40.Tallahassee, FL
41.Hampton, VA
42.Sioux Falls, SD
43.Jacksonville, FL
44.Lancaster, CA
45.Milwaukee, WI
46.Rockford, IL
47.Tempe, AZ
48.Toledo, OH
49.Newport News, VA
50.El Paso, TX
51.Chattanooga, TN
52.St. Petersburg, FL
53.Lubbock, TX
54.Akron, OH
55.Joliet, IL
56.Chesapeake, VA
57.Henderson, NV
58.Corpus Christi, TX
59.Salinas, CA
60.Indianapolis, IN
61.Glendale, AZ
62.Tulsa, OK
63.Phoenix, AZ
64.Spokane, WA
65.Aurora, IL
66.Rancho Cucamonga, CA
67.Clarksville, TN
68.Palmdale, CA
69.Louisville, KY
70.Cleveland, OH
71.Thousand Oaks, CA
72.Greensboro, NC
73.Fort Lauderdale, FL
74.Salt Lake City, UT
75.Orlando, FL
76.Columbus, GA
77.Raleigh, NC
78.Elk Grove, CA
79.Ontario, CA
80.Oxnard, CA
81.Minneapolis, MN
82.Augusta, GA
83.Nashville, TN
84.Denver, CO
85.St. Louis, MO
86.Bakersfield, CA
87.Shreveport, LA
88.Richmond, VA
89.Oklahoma City, OK
90.Fayetteville, NC
91.Durham, NC
92.Moreno Valley, CA
93.Virginia Beach, VA
94.Vancouver, WA
95.West Valley, UT
96.Memphis, TN
97.Fontana, CA
98.Fresno, CA
99.Pasadena, TX
100.Naperville, IL
101.Pomona, CA
102.San Bernardino, CA
103.Huntington Beach, CA
104.Santa Rosa, CA
105.Escondido, CA
106.Waco, TX
107.Modesto, CA
108.Santa Clarita, CA
109.Albuquerque, NM
110.Detroit, MI
111.Pembroke Pines, FL
112.Chula Vista, CA
113.Las Vegas, NV
114.Jackson, MS
115.Sacramento, CA
116.Warren, MI
117.Stockton, CA
118.Aurora, CO
119.Columbus, OH
120.Salem, OR
121.St. Paul, MN
122.Charleston, SC
123.San Diego, CA
124.Riverside, CA
125.Hialeah, FL
126.Oceanside, CA
127.Anchorage, AK
128.North Las Vegas, NV
129.Orange, CA
130.Little Rock, AR
131.Tampa, FL
132.Corona, CA
133.Syracuse, NY
134.Chicago, IL
135.Killeen, TX
136.Jersey City, NJ
137.San Antonio, TX
138.Norfolk, VA
139.Santa Ana, CA
140.Grand Rapids, MI
141.Hollywood, FL
142.Charlotte, NC
143.Savannah, GA
144.Miramar, FL
145.Baton Rouge, LA
146.Frisco, TX
147.Miami, FL
148.Long Beach, CA
149.Columbia, SC
150.Honolulu, HI
151.New York City, NY
152.Rochester, NY
153.Fort Worth, TX
154.McKinney, TX
155.Yonkers, NY
156.Hayward, CA
157.Buffalo, NY
158.New Orleans, LA
159.Irvine, CA
160.Cincinnati, OH
161.Sterling Heights, MI
162.Mesquite, TX
163.Plano, TX
164.Tacoma, WA
165.San Jose, CA
166.Austin, TX
167.Pasadena, CA
168.Newark, NJ
169.Sunnyvale, CA
170.Houston, TX
171.Grand Prairie, TX
172.Fremont, CA
173.Anaheim, CA
174.Bellevue, WA
175.Arlington, TX
176.Fullerton, CA
177.Dallas, TX
178.Torrance, CA
179.Atlanta, GA
180.Paterson, NJ
181.Garland, TX
182.Irving, TX
183.Portland, OR
184.Seattle, WA
185.Pittsburgh, PA
186.Garden Grove, CA
187.Bridgeport, CT
188.Oakland, CA
189.New Haven, CT
190.Alexandria, VA
191.Los Angeles, CA
192.Philadelphia, PA
193.San Francisco, CA
194.Glendale, CA
195.Providence, RI
196.Springfield, MA
197.Washington, DC
198.Baltimore, MD
199.Worcester, MA
200.Boston, MA

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