What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance policy is similar to standard homeowners insurance, but geared toward mobile or manufactured homes specifically.

“There is a difference between standard homeowners insurance and mobile (manufactured) homeowners insurance,” says Tia Foley of Knight-Dik Insurance in Worcester, MA.  “Standard homeowners insurance is written by almost every standard insurance company, where mobile homeowners policies are only written by a very few select carriers. There are coverages that are specific to a standard homeowners policy that are not available for a mobile/manufactured home insurance policy and vice versa.”

Mobile homes are built off-site and can be transported from one area to another. They typically don’t have a foundation or basement, so they are more susceptible to the elements. For this reason, insuring mobile homes is a little more risky and can be more costly than standard home insurance.

Mobile home vs. modular home vs. manufactured home insurance

Older mobile homes use the name mobile, while newer ones are called manufactured.

“The only difference between mobile and manufactured homes is when it was built,” says Foley. “Before June 1976, they were called mobile homes, after June 1976, they are now called manufactured homes. Therefore, the insurance is the same for these two specific types of insurance policies.”

Modular homes are different from mobile homes. They are built in sections off-site then put together on the property of your choosing. They can have many levels, a foundation and a basement and are similar to standard stick-built homes in many ways. 

Patrick Falla of The Home Store in Whately, MA says that insurance on a modular home is basically the same as on any other home. He points out an important thing to note– if you are purchasing a modular home to build or even a traditional stick-built house, you’ll probably need builders' risk insurance.

“When you build a home, whether it’s modular or stick-built, during the construction phase you need and are required to get builders risk insurance,” Falla says. The lender usually requires this to protect the unfinished project from damage not only from the elements but also from theft and vandalism.

Can you get homeowners insurance on a mobile home?

You can and should get homeowners insurance on a mobile home, but it will generally be an HO-7 policy. Not only will it protect the structure of your home but also your belongings. Mobile home insurance also has a liability portion to protect you from lawsuits if someone is hurt on your property.

Some companies will offer mobile home insurance as an endorsement on a standard home insurance policy. This is usually reserved for new homes in excellent condition. Before you buy, make sure you review our list of the best mobile home insurance companies.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Mobile home insurance includes many of the standard coverages found in a typical homeowners policy:

These policies cover damage to your home from things like:

  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Falling trees
  • Ice and snow
  • Vandalism

It also covers the home when it is being moved from one place to another if you have a collision or breakdown. This would be in the additional coverage section. A standard homeowners policy would not have this as the home is stationary and is never moved from town to town.

What doesn’t mobile home insurance cover?

Like all home policies, there are exclusions on a mobile home policy. Mobile home insurance doesn’t cover floods or earthquakes. This is typical of most home insurance policies. You must purchase separate coverage for these disasters.

It also doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or pest infestations. It only covers sudden and accidental damage from things like storms, fire, theft and vandalism. 

You should also be aware that mobile home insurance is generally an actual cash value policy. That means the policy will only pay out the depreciated value of the home on a claim. However, there are replacement cost policies available, and it’s well worth pursuing that level of coverage to properly protect your home.

How much is mobile home insurance?

According to Trusted Choice, an online platform for independent agents, the average national costs range from $700-$1500 for mobile home insurance, depending on the size and amenities of your home. Mobile homes are usually smaller than many stick-built homes, so the average rates are lower. However, dollar for insurance dollar, insuring a mobile home is generally more expensive due to the risks.

The cost will also depend on where you live; rates are often higher in areas like Florida and Texas, where severe weather is common. And if your home is one of the older models built in 1976 or before, that will factor into cost and the carriers available to you.

Frequently asked questions about mobile home insurance

Is mobile home insurance required?

If you have a mortgage, mobile home insurance is required by almost every lender. Even if you own your home outright, don’t skip insurance on your most valuable asset.

How much does it cost to rebuild a mobile home?

That depends on the mobile home, as features and finishes vary and can affect the cost. The replacement cost of your mobile home could be upwards of $80,000, so ensure you have the appropriate dwelling limits.

Is mobile home insurance expensive?

Mobile home insurance can be more costly than standard insurance in some cases because the home is more susceptible to the wind and the elements and therefore more risky to insure.

Can you get renters insurance on a mobile home?

Yes, if you rent a mobile home, you can get renters insurance.