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Ford has always been a company that prides itself on its cars' versatility and quality. In terms of price, most Ford models fall in the middle of the chart, and same goes for the insurance rates. The average annual car insurance rate for all 2023 Ford models combined is $2,109 for a 40-year-old driver.


Average Ford car insurance cost by model

One of the main factors that influence your auto insurance rates is the Ford model you choose. Ford Maverick and Transit are some of the cheapest models to insure in comparison to F-450. On average, it costs $3,071 a year to insure a 2023 Ford F-450 for a 40-year-old driver.

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2023 Ford Maverick$1,761
2023 Ford Edge$1,848
2023 Ford Transit$1,851
2023 Ford Escape$1,869
2023 Ford Ranger$1,884
2023 Ford Bronco$1,930
2023 Ford F-150$1,971
2023 Ford Explorer$2,069
2023 Ford Expedition$2,228
2023 Ford F-250$2,285
2023 Ford F-350$2,344
2023 Ford Mustang$2,427
2023 Ford F-450$3,071

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Ford Edge insurance cost

Ford Edge
Edge Highlights
  • MSRP range- $32,750 - $43,600
  • Trim levels- SE, SEL, ST-Line, Titanium and ST
  • Annual average insurance cost- $1,848

The Ford Edge is a midsize SUV car, and it features all sorts of innovative technology to make driving easier. It is available in five trim packages and is the third cheapest Ford model to insure. The average Ford Edge insurance costs $1,848 per year for a 40-year-old driver.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) accorded 2020-2021 Ford Edge with the 'Top Safety Pick' in the midsize category. Even in the base form, Ford Edge is equipped with standard safety features to help you get a discount on your Ford Edge insurance.

Here you can find the average insurance rates for different editions of Ford Edge.

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2023 Ford Edge$1,848
2022 Ford Edge$1,536
2021 Ford Edge$1,472
2020 Ford Edge$1,485
2019 Ford Edge$1,559
2018 Ford Edge$1,557
2017 Ford Edge$1,529
2016 Ford Edge$1,495

Compare Ford Edge car insurance rates by state

Ford Escape insurance cost

Ford Escape
Escape Highlights
  • MSRP range-$25,555- $38,885
  • Trim levels- S, SE, SEL and Titanium
  • Annual average insurance cost- $1,869

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV that competes with some well-known vehicles in its class, such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. It is available in four trim levels and, on average, costs $1,202 less to insure than the Ford F-450, which is one of the expensive Ford models to insure.

The average annual cost to insure a 2016 Ford Escape is $1,438, and it is 30% less expensive to insure than the 2023 edition ($1,869).

Find out the average annual insurance cost of Ford Escape's different editions.

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2023 Ford Escape$1,869
2022 Ford Escape$1,484
2021 Ford Escape$1,456
2020 Ford Escape$1,499
2019 Ford Escape$1,576
2018 Ford Escape$1,502
2017 Ford Escape$1,468
2016 Ford Escape$1,438

Ford Escape comes in 2 different styles: SUV and Hybrid. The Hybrid is available in three trim grades- SE, SEL, and Titanium. And the insurance cost will depend on the model you choose, your age, location, among other factors.

Compare Ford Escape car insurance rates by state

Ford Focus insurance cost

Ford Focus
Focus Highlights
  • MSRP range: $29,990- $44,690
  • Trim levels: S, SE, and Titanium
  • Annual average insurance cost: $1,691

With its stylish design, excellent handling, and value pricing, Ford Focus has attracted many drivers over the years. It is an affordable and competent small car for those who want something reliable and performance oriented. The Ford Focus is available in three distinctive styles: Sedan, Hatchback, and Electric.

The average cost of insuring different model years of Ford Focus are:

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2020 Ford Focus$1,691
2018 Ford Focus$1,765
2017 Ford Focus$1,743
2016 Ford Focus$1,701

Ford has now stopped manufacturing Ford Focus; however, you can contact your local dealers if you want one. The insurance cost of the Ford Focus is around $1,691 a year. And if you own a 2016 model, you will have to pay $1,701 annually or about $142 a month for insurance.

Ford Fusion insurance cost

Ford Fusion
Fusion Highlights
  • MSRP range:$23,170 - $36,450
  • Trim levels: S, SE, SEL and Titanium
  • Annual average insurance cost: $1,686

Ford Fusion is a midsize Sedan that is available in 6 trim grades ranging from basic to luxury. The average Ford Fusion insurance cost is $1,686 a year or around $140 a month.

Ford Fusion also comes in Hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. The 2020 Ford Fusion might be the last one as the company has announced to discontinue of its production. 

The table below shows the cost of insuring different model years of Ford Fusion.

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2021 Ford Fusion$1,686
2020 Ford Fusion$1,756
2019 Ford Fusion$1,838
2018 Ford Fusion$1,792
2017 Ford Fusion$1,747
2016 Ford Fusion$1,691

2020 Ford Fusion is equipped with safety features like standard daytime running lights, blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, and lane departure prevention that might help you save on your car insurance.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives overall five-star safety ratings to the 2020 edition of Ford Fusion.

Compare Ford Fusion car insurance rates by state

Ford Mustang insurance cost

Ford Mustang
Mustang Highlights
  • MSRP range- $27,205- $55,300
  • Trim levels- EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT Premium and Mach 1
  • Annual average insurance cost- $2,427

For the last 55 years, Ford Mustang has been recognized for its fantastic performance at an affordable price point. The 2021 Ford Mustang is described as the "top muscle car pick" by Edmunds. On average, it will cost $2,427 a year to insure a 40-year-old driver.

Older Mustangs are cheaper to insure. In the table below, you can find the average rates to insure different model years of Mustang.

Year and modelAverage annual premium
2023 Ford Mustang$2,427
2022 Ford Mustang$2,059
2021 Ford Mustang$1,957
2020 Ford Mustang$2,219
2019 Ford Mustang$2,144
2018 Ford Mustang$2,142
2017 Ford Mustang$2,038
2016 Ford Mustang$1,937

Factors like age, location, car model, and safety ratings affect your insurance rates. In terms of safety, 2020 Ford Mustang GT earns five stars safety ratings from National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.

Compare Ford Mustang car insurance rates by state

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