Cheapest car insurance companies in Concord 

According to a study by, the cheapest car insurance companies in Concord for 2023 are Auto-Owners and The Hanover

Auto-Owners is the cheapest option for most Concord drivers, with an average annual rate of $788

Car insurance costs may vary in Concord based on your location, driving record, coverage level and the insurance company you choose. Increase your chances of getting the best deal by comparing car insurance quotes from multiple carriers. The following companies are known to offer the cheapest auto insurance rates in Concord.

CompaniesAverage annual rates
The Hanover$947
MMG Insurance$1,040
State Farm$1,173

Cheapest car insurance cost in Concord by Age Group 

The Hanover is the cheapest option for car insurance in Concord for teen drivers, with average annual premiums at just $1,706 annually. Teenagers face high insurance costs due to inexperience and higher accident rates.

Getting lower rates isn't easy for young drivers, but they can take some steps to increase their chances of getting affordable insurance. Many insurance companies offer good student discounts to drivers who maintain a certain grade point average (GPA). Besides, teen drivers can lower premiums by staying on their parents' insurance. 

Among the carriers analyzed, The Hanover is the cheapest car insurance option for young drivers in Concord, at $1,187 a year for a full coverage policy.

You'll find that car insurance rates are much lower by the time drivers reach their 30s than they are for drivers in their 20s. The cheapest auto insurance company for adult drivers in Concord is Auto-Owners. Its average rate for a full coverage car insurance policy is $822 per year

If you are a senior driver in Concord and looking for a cheap car insurance company, then consider buying insurance from Auto-Owners. It is the cheapest auto insurance company for senior drivers, with an average premium of $839 per year

CompanyTeensYoung AdultsAdultsSeniors
The Hanover$1,706$1,187$911$867
MMG Insurance$2,376$1,708$1,096$1,191
State Farm$4,064$2,031$1,185$1,146

Cheapest car insurance companies in Concord by driver profile 

Insurers in Concord consider various factors, including driver profile, to calculate car insurance premiums. You can expect to pay significantly higher rates if you have a history of accidents or traffic citations on your driving record. On the other hand, those with a clean driving record enjoy more affordable coverage.

It's important to compare insurance quotes from at least three carriers to find the cheapest insurance company in Concord that suits your budget. 

Below are some of the cheapest car insurance companies in Concord by driver profile.

Drivers in Concord with poor credit can get the cheapest car insurance from Geico at an average cost of $1,144 a year, according to a data study by

Here are car insurance carriers that offer affordable rates for drivers with poor credit scores in Concord.

CompanyAverage annual rates
State Farm$2,009

In Concord, USAA provides the cheapest car insurance premiums for drivers aged 30 with speeding tickets on their record at an annual cost of $840, on average. 

Find the best car insurance company for your needs by comparing quotes from different carriers. Don't assume that the cheapest option for someone else will also be the cheapest for you. Take the time to shop around and get the coverage that best suits your needs. 

CompanyAverage annual premium
State Farm$901

Finding affordable car insurance rates after an at-fault accident isn't easy, but if you compare quotes, you might find a policy that fits your budget.

In a recent data analysis, found that State Farm offers the cheapest car insurance rates for Concord drivers with at-fault accidents. It provides coverage at an average annual cost of $1,070.

CompanyAverage annual rates
State Farm$1,070

Buying car insurance doesn't have to break the bank. USAA offers the cheapest full coverage policy in Concord for drivers with a DUI, with an average annual premium of $1,219.

A DUI conviction can significantly affect your auto insurance rates. However, to keep your coverage rates low, it is important to compare quotes from various insurers before renewing or purchasing a new policy. Doing so ensures you get the most competitive rate for your situation.

CompanyAverage annual rates
State Farm$1,834

Average car insurance cost in Concord 

Full coverage car insurance in Concord for a coverage limit of 100/300/100 is $1,218 per year or $102 per month, while the state minimum coverage costs an average of $409 a year.

Full coverage insurance costs more than the state minimum, but it provides comprehensive coverage for your car and coverage for other driver’s vehicle. To reduce your premium, you might want to compare quotes from various insurance companies.

Average annual RatesState minimum average

Methodology commissioned 2023 data for the cheapest car insurance rates in cities from Quadrant Data Services for all 50 states and Washington D.C. Rates are based on the following profile:

  • 40-year-old male driver
  • Honda Accord LX
  • 12-mile daily commute, 10,000 annual miles
  • Good credit
  • Clean record

While the rates for drivers with poor credit, speeding tickets, DUI and at-fault accidents were sourced from the Auto Problems Report 2023.

Rates are based on coverage limits of:

  • $100,000 bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $100,000 property damage per accident
  • $500 comprehensive and collision deductible analyzed rates from over 34,000 ZIP codes, 56 million quotes, and 136 companies. Based on the analysis, we have created lists of the cheapest companies for different driver profiles. USAA also made it to the list, but it offers services only to current and former military members and their families. Rates sourced from Quadrant Data Services for comparison purposes only; your rates may differ.