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lava When it comes to home insurance, most people think of things like property damage or injuries on the premises. However, there are a lot of less obvious items that can be covered as well. Here are some of the strangest things your policy may cover.

  • Homeowners insurance typically covers damage from falling objects, volcanic eruptions, robberies and burglaries, power outages, and tombstone pranks.
  • Some policies also include protection for clean-up costs in the event of a murder, suicide, or unattended death.

Most people know damage caused by fire or burst pipes is covered by their home insurance, but even standard policies extend beyond the more common misfortunes. Here are five strange things that your homeowners insurance typically covers:

1. It fell from the sky

Do you look to the heavens and fret over what's out there, like meteors, old satellite debris and other space junk that could drop on your home?

Most homeowners have "open perils" policies, meaning you are protected from anything that isn't specifically excluded. Damage that comes from "falling objects," which includes stuff that comes from the sky, is usually covered.

2. Volcano erupting

Volcanic eruptions are another incident that comes under "open perils." Many policies have coverage for volcanic action built in, but it is limited to any damage to your structure and possessions caused by lava or volcanic ash. That means you'll need a separate earthquake policy to be covered for any tremors and resulting damage connected to an eruption.

The volcano clause is especially important in a state like Hawaii, which also has a state-run volcano insurance program to provide even more coverage for residents in the highest-risk regions.

3. Wanted!

If you're robbed or burglarized, your home insurance may cover you up to $1,500 for any reward money you offer for information if it leads to a conviction.

4. Spoiled food

Food spoiled due to a power outage can be covered by your homeowners policy. With some policies the power outage must be due to a covered loss, like a tree falling on your house and also knocking out electricity. Other policies provide coverage for the spoiled stuff in your fridge from any type of power outage. This coverage normally has a $500 limit, but your deductible normally doesn't apply.

4. Tombstone pranks

Headstones and other grave markers are often targeted by pranksters and are generally covered by homeowners insurance if they're cracked, crushed or defaced with paint.

They're seen as valuables, so they're generally protected in your policy, with reimbursement from $1,000 to $2,500.

Homeowners can raise the limit by purchasing additional insurance.

5. When the worst happens

Many, but not all, policies include protection to help you with clean-up costs if there's been a murder, suicide or unattended death in the home. Not all policies have this coverage, so you need to look at the policy or discuss it with your agent.