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USAA is one of the best renters insurance companies in New York with the highest J.D. Power score (893) among the carriers surveyed.  It only provides services  to former and current military officials and their families. If not eligible for USAA, the second-best option is State Farm which has earned a J.D. Power score of 866, as per the survey.

Renters Insurance provides coverage for personal property and liability protection. When it comes to choosing the best renters insurance company, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind that may help you make an informed decision. Keep on reading this guide to know more about the best renters insurance in New York.

Best renters insurance companies in New York

When it comes to choosing the best renters insurance company in New York, you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Our experts at have compared quotes, coverage options and J.D Power score from all the major insurers in New York. Below is the list of best renters insurance companies in New York:

  • USAA
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Farmers

Compare best renters insurance companies in New York

When you are looking for the most affordable renters insurance policy in New York, it is best to get quotes from different providers before you choose one. Price plays an important role, but New York residents should also consider the insurance company's customer service and overall rating before deciding on the one that fits their needs.

Compare the best New York renters insurance companies using their J.D Power scores and average rates. 

CompanyJ.D. Power scoreAverage annual rate
State Farm866$154
Liberty Mutual823$280

How much is renters insurance in New York

The average annual premium for renters insurance in New York is $304, which means New York residents pay an average of $25 for renters insurance monthly. These prices are for New York renters who buy liability coverage of $100,000, personal property coverage of $40,000, and a deductible of $1,000.

Average annual premiumAverage monthly premium

10 Most expensive zip codes in New York for renters insurance

If you're a renter in New York, protecting your household contents and finances with renters insurance is a necessity. The premiums you pay for renters insurance will be determined by many factors including your zip code. 

Some areas have higher rates for renters insurance than others as crime rates and the incidence of claims in your area affect how much you pay for your policy. It's important to get quotes from several renters insurance providers before making any decision on purchasing renters insurance. 

We have gathered quotes from major insurers across all the zip codes and found that the most expensive zip code in New York for renters insurance is 11210, its average cost is $435 a year. 

Find below the list of the 10 most expensive zip codes in New York along with their average annual renters insurance premium cost. 

ZIP codeAverage annual rate

10 Least expensive zip codes in New York for renters insurance

New York renters insurance rate is the least expensive for the zip code 14520, its average annual rate is $259, based on's rate analysis. 

Below is a list of the ten least expensive ZIP codes in New York along with their average renters insurance rates.

ZIP codeAverage annual rate

Cheap renters insurance in New York by carrier

Renters insurance is designed to protect a renter's personal possessions against damage or theft. When finding cheap renters insurance in New York by carrier, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the many options available. But don't worry we have got you covered, we have compared renters insurance costs from major insurance providers in New York and prepared a list of cheap renters insurance companies. 

Among the carriers surveyed, State Farm is the cheapest insurance company that offers insurance policies to renters in New York at about $147 a year, on average. Find below renters insurance rates of other cheapest renters insurance companies in New York.

Company nameAverage annual premium
State Farm$147
LM Insurance$204
Automobile Insurance$228
Great Northern Insurance$271
Farmers New Century$370
New York Central$394
First Liberty$407