Insurance.com Lists Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession

By Rstaib Posted : 02/17/2010

CLEVELAND - February 17, 2010 - If you're both an expert at the law and an expert at getting stopped by the law, you might be a dangerous driver. So says a recent insurance.com study listing the Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession.

Attorneys topped the list at No 1. with 44 percent claiming a prior accident when receiving a car insurance comparison quote from insurance.com. (We bet 44 percent of them talked their way out of a ticket, too.) Findings were based on accident claims as a percentage of quotes.

The least dangerous drivers? Athletes (17 percent) and homemakers (24 percent).

"Professions that demand multi-tasking - being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule - are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents," says Sam Belden, insurance.com VP, all joking aside. "On the other hand, though the job of a homemaker demands multi-tasking, young children are often along for any car ride. And when children are involved, people tend to take their time and use greater caution." Homemakers and athletes also tend to be off the road during rush hour.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession*

  1. Attorney/Judge
  2. Financial professionals
  3. Government worker (GS6)
  4. Bartender or Waiter
  5. Business Professionals
  6. Dog Groomer
  7. Marketing/Advertising professionals
  8. Barber/Stylist
  9. Coach
  10. Nurse

Happen to be one of those folks? Then you'll want to keep in mind that an accident could raise your insurance rate. The chance of a rate increase is more likely based on factors such as accident severity, if you're at fault, the value of your insurance claim, type of violation, and if the accident appears on your motor vehicle or comprehensive loss underwriting exchange report.

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