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“Dentmaster” quiz reveals your insurance knowledge gaps

By Amy Danise Posted : 04/25/2014

Nearly 30 percent of drivers in a new Insurance.com study thought that if a friend borrows their car and crashes, their pal’s insurance would pay for damages. Since that’s not the case, many drivers will have the unpleasant surprise of a claim on their own record due to a friend’s bad driving.

Is this you? Now it’s easy to find out.

Insurance.com has launched a new tool to help you identify your own gaps in insurance knowledge. Our “Dentmaster” quiz helps you answer the question, “What does my insurance cover?

If you’re unable to identify the auto coverage needed for accidents, you may have unwittingly purchased an inadequate insurance policy.

That’s the situation that many drivers are in, according to a new survey commissioned by Insurance.com. We asked more than 3,800 drivers to pick the coverage needed for six mishaps. In order to identify the right choice, drivers needed a basic understanding of the concepts of liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.

Overall, drivers got 39 percent of the questions wrong.

Survey results show the most confusion centers on liability insurance – which is the coverage required by most states. When asked, “You hit someone else. Which coverage pays the other driver?” only 46 percent of drivers could correctly identify liability from three answer choices.

It’s designed so that you can immediately see whether your guess is right or wrong, with helpful tips available by each question so you can access definitions of the most important auto insurance terms. In less than 60 seconds you can get a good view of your own auto insurance problem spots.

The tool also shows how many drivers got each question wrong, so you can compare your answers to the average.

Knowledge of liability, collision and comprehensive coverage is essential to buying the right policy. Finding out after an accident that you didn’t have the right coverage could cost you thousands of dollars.


Insurance.com surveyed 3,835 customers nationwide in February and March 2014 to test their knowledge of auto insurance terms.

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