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Auto Insurance Price Information

Want to save a bundle on auto insurance? Then it's good know how insurance companies come up with your rate. The biggest factor affecting price is you. Where you live, what you drive and how safely you drive, even your education and occupation. If your rate seems high, keep reading and compare quotes

Save on auto insurance

Not to brag, but helping you get better coverage at a better price is what we do best.  Find out how to qualify for discounts or more savings by making smart choices about your new policy.

Auto insurance basics: Getting the best coverage at the lowest rates

Do yourself a big favor. Give yourself some working knowledge on how the auto insurance industry works. Chances are you'll discover how you can protect more than just your vehicle.


You buy insurance for one simple reason – to get paid when you have an accident. From tips for finding a mechanic to negotiating after a total loss, we give you straight answers about how to get the most from your insurance.

Shopping for a Car and Your Car Insurance Rates

Step one to buying car insurance? Having a car. If you're in the market for a new vehicle, consider our advice for smart shopping. Which cars are the most and least expensive to insure? Which are stolen most often? Or the true cost of owning a hybrid?