What is the cheapest car insurance for engineers?

Overall, car insurance for engineers is slightly less than the national average. Your rate, though, will be determined based on your location, the company you go with, and any riders you add to go with a host of other factors.

The table below shows the average rates for engineers at six major insurance companies.

CompanyAverage base rateAverage rate for engineersPrice difference ($)Price difference (%)
Grange Mutual$1,154$1,046$1089.36%
Mercury Insurance$2,276$2,100$1767.73%
State Auto$4,277$4,143$1343.13%

The best car insurance for engineers, based only on price, is offered by Grange Mutual. However, rates differ for everyone, so it’s best to compare rates for your personal needs.

Car insurance discounts for engineers

There are no car insurance companies that offer specific discounts for engineers. However, some insurers offer a discount for being a member of an association called affinity discounts. As an engineer, you may be part of a group that can earn discounts.

In addition, rates are often discounted for people who have achieved a higher level of education. Although this won’t be listed as a discount, it can earn you a lower rate overall.

"It’s not like a guess. [Companies] are looking at the data and saying ‘people that get higher education’ they’re paying out less for those [drivers]." says Josiah Hatch, owner of Bender Hatch Insurance in Boston, Mass.

How can engineers get cheaper car insurance rates?

Like everyone else, cheaper car insurance for engineers can be found by shopping around. If you compare car insurance rates for engineers from multiple companies. you’ll find the best rates. And if you ask about the following discounts you could lower your premiums even more::

Every company’s rates will be different based on your needs, your location, and any additional endorsements you add to the base plan.


Insurance.com commissioned rates in 2022 from Quadrant Data Services for a 40-year-old driver with a clean record and good credit, with full coverage. Base rates were compared to rates for engineers from each company.