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Rent in Texas went up 4% compared to last year and now averages $958 per month for an 822 square foot rental. But there are other rental costs to account for, such as utilities and insurance. The average cost of renters insurance in Texas is $237 per year for a minimum amount of coverage ($20K property, $100K liability and a $1,000 deductible). If you have more than $20,000 in furniture and belongings, a $40,000 renters insurance policy averages $379 annually, or about $32 per month. That's $53 more than the national average.

The average annual cost of a renters policy is $326 a year, or about $27 a month. That’s the national average for policies with recommended levels of $40,000 for personal property, with a $1,000 deductible and $100,000 of liability protection, according to an insurance renters cost analysis by If you compare the national average to Texas.

If you currently rent in the Lone Star State or plan on leasing a home or apartment soon, finding the cheapest renters insurance Texas carrier is worth looking into. Don’t assume your landlord’s insurance policy will pay to replace your furniture or electronics or other personal property if there’s a fire or a burst pipe in your apartment resulting in water damage. You’ll need Texas renters insurance to cover your possessions.

  • Renters insurance is about $32 a month and pays to repair or replace your personal possessions if damaged or stolen and pays for injured guests’ medical bills.
  • Renters insurance coverage comes in four parts to help protect you and your belongings: Personal property, liability, loss of use and medical payments.
  • Your coverage options primarily relate to how much coverage you buy --experts recommend you get replacement value for your belongings and $300,000 in liability.
  • The best renters insurance companies in Texas provide affordable prices with great customer service.
  • Comparison shopping is one of the best ways to find cheap renters insurance rates.

What does renters insurance cover in Texas?

A Texas renters insurance policy covers four main things:

  • Personal property: Your personal belongings, such as clothing, furniture, TV and electronics.
  • Liability: The cost of third-party injuries if anyone is hurt in your home and you're responsible for the accident. It also covers damage you do to their property. Liability protection also pays for a legal fees and defense and judgments, up to the limit you set.
  • Loss of use coverage or additional living expenses: Loss of use coverage pays for your living expenses if you can’t live in your rental home temporarily. There may have been a kitchen fire or flood and you have to move out while the rental is repaired. Loss of use pays for your living expenses, such as rent, hotel and meals, while you wait to move back. It is also called "additional living expenses." This coverage is typically included in home insurance and renters policies for no extra cost.
  • Medical payments: Medical payments is one of the coverage options insurance carriers offer renters (it's also available for home insurance.) It pays up to $5,000 for medical expenses for guests injured in your home, regardless of fault.

A policy is limited to covered hazards and perils. Covered loss events include theft, fire, vandalism, smoke damage, hail and windstorm damage, falling objects and damage from malfunctioning appliances. Basically, if your belongings are smoke damaged after a fire, renters insurance will pay to replace them (after you cover the deductible). If you’re burglarized, renters insurance will cover the loss.

You can also buy additional coverage beyond what is included in standard policies. For instance, endorsements can be purchased to boost the amount your policy covers for high-value items you own.

Best renters insurance companies in Texas

Finding the best Texas renters insurance company can be overwhelming. After all, there are dozens of insurance companies in Texas to choose from. We’ve done most of the legwork for you by narrowing down the list. We compared quotes, customer satisfaction and complaint reports released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and J.D. Power, compared policy addons and the overall ease of use when you need to file a claim or make a change. The best renters insurance companies in Texas by category are:

CompanyBest forTexas market shareJ.D. Power ratingNAIC complaintsAM Best financial strength ratingOnline quote tool
State FarmOverall18.32%836/1,0001.92 (above average)A++Yes
AllstateLocal offices13.27%841/1,0001.49 (above average)A+Yes
USAAMilitary10.01%888/1.0000.00 (below average)A++Yes
TravelersCheapest9.90%839/1,0000.00 (below average)A++Yes

State Farm

State Farm is the largest insurance company in the country and has the highest market share in Texas. It makes the list as best overall for its all-around strength in coverage options, price, customer service and financial strength.


  • Offices statewide
  • The most coverage options of the best renters insurance Texas providers
  • User-friendly mobile app and website
  • File a claim through an agent, over the phone, online or through the mobile app


  • Above-average complaints

Special coverages:

  • Business property
  • Incidental business liability
  • Additional liability and property limits
  • Identity theft restoration


If you prefer to buy and manage a renters insurance policy with a local agent, you’ll find that Allstate has local offices in 256 states to meet your needs. It’s part of the reason that respondents in the J.D. Power customer satisfaction study gave the insurer high marks. 


  • Agents in 256 Texas cities 
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • File a claim through an agent, over the phone, online or through the mobile app
  • Flood insurance available


  • Limited optional coverages
  • Few discounts available

Special coverages:

  • Scheduled personal property coverage for high-value items
  • Flood insurance
  • Identity theft restoration
  • Personal umbrella policy


San Antonio-based USAA is home grown in Texas and provides the ideal combination of low rates, award-winning customer service and free addons. However, USAA isn’t available to all renters in Texas. The membership-based association only offers insurance to veterans, military personnel and their immediate family.


  • Military-friendly coverage
  • Number one for customer ratings in the J.D. Power Insurance Study
  • Flood insurance is included for free
  • Membership is free
  • Discounts available for shopping and banking
  • File claims online, through the mobile app or over the phone


  • Only available to veterans, military personnel and family
  • Phone or online-only

Special coverages:

  • Replacement cost


Travelers Insurance is the cheapest renters insurance for the state among those surveyed. Renters insurance rates start at $162 for $20,000 in personal property, $100,000 liability coverage and a $1,000 deductible. You won’t sacrifice quality coverage and customer service when you choose the cheapest rates. Policyholders are pleased in general with the carrier — the company only had six complaints nationwide in 2020, according to the NAIC.


  • Cheap renters insurance in Texas
  • The lowest customer complaints of all carriers
  • Claims-free and protective device discounts
  • Choose to receive claims and reimbursements by ACH or PayPal
  • File a claim through an agent, over the phone, online or through the mobile app


  • The mobile app is sometimes glitchy
  • Limited renters insurance addons

Special coverages:

Cheapest renters insurance in Texas

For many, the cost of renters insurance may be the main factor for choosing a company. After all, there are a number of costs a renter has to worry about every month. Coverage for your personal belongings is wise, but shouldn’t have to create a strain on your budget. Insurance policies are designed to protect you, not break the bank, so the key is to get the coverage you need at a cost you can afford.

How much is renters insurance in Texas?

Below you'll see the average cost for a renters policy in the Lone Star state with the limits of $40,000 in property coverage and $100,0000 liability with a $1,000 deductible:

  • Travelers: $224
  • Nationwide: $280
  • USAA: $283
  • Allstate: $307
  • Texas Farmers: $317
  • Safeco: $429
  • State Farm: $552

Cheap renters insurance rates in Texas by carrier

In the table below you'll be able to see the average cost for renters insurance policies for common coverage amounts, both the average annual cost and per month.

Coverage levelAllstateTexas Farmers InsuranceSafecoNationwideState FarmTravelersUSAA
$20,000 with $500 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$247$181$276$224$387$176$231
$20,000 with $500 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$271$184$296$236$402$187$257
$20,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$227$181$250$208$363$162$209
$20,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$251$184$270$220$378$172$235
$40,000 with $500 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$334$317$467$301$589$245$305
$40,000 with $500 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$358$320$487$314$604$261$331
$40,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$307$317$429$280$552$224$283
$40,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$331$320$449$293$567$239$309
$60,000 with $500 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$425$427$670$381$747$335$372
$60,000 with $500 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$449$430$690$395$762$357$398
$60,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $100,000 Liability$390$427$623$354$700$307$353
$60,000 with $1,000 Deductible and $300,000 Liability$414$430$643$368$715$329$379

How to find cheap renters insurance Texas

Finding the best renters insurance in Texas is just the start. You may still be able to save by following a few practices to lower your rates, which apply no matter what state you call home.

Compare quotes

As you can see in our price research, the cost of renters insurance can vary significantly among renters insurance companies for the same amount of coverage. The difference between renters insurance rates from USAA and Crestbrook is almost $800 per year, on average. However, your results may vary based on your location and amount of renters insurance you need. Choosing a few providers to collect and compare quotes is the best way to find the most affordable renters insurance in Texas and save. You should always compare quotes from at least three companies before buying an insurance policy.

Don’t overinsure

Buying a blanket amount of coverage such as $20,000, $40,000 or more is the easiest way to get coverage. However, you may be paying for more insurance than you need. Take the time to create a home inventory of your belongings to have a better estimate of how much dwelling insurance you need. You may be able to reduce your insurance coverage limit and save some money.

Take advantage of discounts

Most carriers offer policyholders several discounts that could help save on premiums. A discount for bundling your car insurance and renters insurance policies is one of the most common. (Insurance companies also offer generous bundling discounts for home insurance and car insurance policies.) In addition to renters and auto insurance bundling, having deadbolts or a security system, prepaying your policy or setting up automatic payments could lower your rate. Make sure you ask for and receive all the discounts that match your renter profile.

Raise your deductible

The insurance deductible is the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance company pays the rest. A typical deductible is $500. However, higher deductibles typically result in lower monthly premiums. You may want to bump up the amount to $1,000 or more to lower your renters insurance. How much is renters insurance in Texas if you raise your deductible? Take a look at how renters insurance rates vary.

DeductibleState Farm annual premium for $40,000 in coverageSafeco annual premium for $40,000 in coverage

Renters insurance cost in Texas by city

Below you'll see the average annual renters insurance rate for San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso and other large cities. To see the average cost for renters insurance by ZIP code for nearly every neighborhood in the state, visit our renters insurance guide and use the average renters rate calculator. You can use it to compare costs for several levels of protection. This is for a 40k/1k/100k policy.

CityAnnual averagePer month
El Paso$345$29
Fort Worth$359$30
San Antonio$388$32
Corpus Christi$494$41

How much renters insurance do I need?

Setting the right amount of coverage is often challenging. If the limit is too high, you’ll pay more than you need for renters insurance. If your limits are too low, you may not be able to replace all your belongings if you suffer a total loss. Think about the following when deciding how much renters insurance you’ll need.


Setting a property limit is fairly straightforward. Simply estimate the total value of all your belongings. However, if you have items that are higher in value, such as jewelry or antiques, you’ll need to purchase a scheduled personal property rider for the extra coverage.


Liability insurance pays for legal costs and third-party losses/injuries if someone is hurt in your home. Experts recommend you get at least $100,000, which is a standard amount of coverage. But if you have savings or assets worth more than $100,000 consider a higher amount of liability coverage, such as $300,000.

Is renters insurance required in Texas?

You are not required to have an insurance policy in Texas to rent a home or apartment. Renters insurance is not required by law in the Lone Star state. However, a landlord’s policy will not pay to replace your items if there is a fire or other type of damage to your rental. A Texas renters insurance policy will.

What is the difference between liability and property insurance?

Property insurance is the part of your renters insurance policy that covers your belongings. Liability insurance covers legal claims if you are sued by someone who was hurt on your property or suffered damages, as well as pays for their medical bills and losses. Both types of coverage are different but provide you with comprehensive financial protection.

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