Allstate vs Geico

The biggest difference is that Geico is an online insurance company, while Allstate offers face-to-face interaction with 12,000 agents. Allstate is a well-known company founded in 1931. You might not realize that Geico has been around almost as long. It dates back to 1936. Geico covered government employees until 1974 when it expanded to the general population.So, well before the advent of its gecko mascot, Geico was protecting members. Geico now covers more than 22 million vehicles in all 50 states.

Allstate and Geico are two popular car insurance companies that offer a range of coverage options and discounts. Both companies offer liability coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

One major difference between Allstate and Geico is the availability of discounts. Allstate offers a range of discounts for safe driving, multiple policy discounts, and good student discounts. Geico offers similar discounts, but also offers military discounts and discounts for federal employees.

Another difference is the availability of additional coverage options. Allstate offers a variety of add-on coverage options, such as rental car coverage, roadside assistance, and accident forgiveness. Geico offers some add-on coverage options, but not as many as Allstate.

Overall, both Allstate and Geico offer competitive car insurance options, but the availability of discounts and additional coverage options may make Allstate a better option for some customers.

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