Allstate vs Progressive

Both companies have been around since the 1930s. Allstate was founded in 1931; Progressive has been in business since 1937. Combined, they enjoy about a 20 percent market share. In other words, they’re major players in auto insurance. You likely know these companies by their advertising, but there’s more to them than a lasting slogan and humorous TV spot.

Key takeaways

  • Founded: Allstate – 1931; Progressive – 1937.
  • Market Share: Combined, they share 20% of the insurance market.
  • Structure: Both operate online but Allstate has 12,000 agents around the country.
  • Reach: Both operate in all 50 states.

Progressive is a mostly online company. Allstate, meanwhile, has 12,000 agents spread across the country, though you can also buy a policy online. Both companies offer auto policies in all 50 states.They have slightly different coverage options. Progressive offers pet injury and no drop promise; Allstate gives safe driver and airbag discounts. Discounts can save you hundreds, so it’s best to ask each company about their offerings and figure out which ones can give you the best rates for the best coverage.  Premiums are usually similar for the two insurers. If you like face-to-face interaction, you may prefer Allstate. If that’s not as important, you may benefit from the online presence of Progressive.

One major difference between Allstate and Progressive is the availability of discounts. Allstate offers a range of discounts for safe driving, multiple policy discounts, and good student discounts. Progressive offers similar discounts, but also offers discounts for having multiple vehicles on the same policy and for being a loyal customer.

No matter which one you ultimately choose, make sure to get apples-to-apples quotes for the same policy from both companies. Ask about discounts. That’s a great way to reduce your costs.

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