State Farm-

Overall Rating- 4/5

Average car insurance rate for full coverage- $1,515

Customer service- 4/5

Mobile app/online service- Available


Overall rating- 3.5/5

Average car insurance rate for full coverage- $1,680

Customer service- 3.5/5

Mobile app/online service- Available

Progressive and State Farm: Average annual rate for full coverage

State Farm is the winner for offering cheaper car insurance rates. The average annual rate for full coverage policy from State Farm is $1,515 and Progressive provides full coverage insurance at an average of $1,680 per year. The affordable rates offered by State Farm make it the perfect choice for those who are looking for cheap insurance policy.

The state minimum coverage rate for State Farm insurance policy is $495 a year, whereas Progressive offers state minimum coverage at $563 per year.

CompanyAverage annual rate for full coverageAverage annual rate for state minimum coverage
State Farm$1,515$495

Progressive Vs State Farm: Customer Satisfaction

Progressive and State Farm are pioneers in the insurance industry with lots of satisfied customers. However, State Farm has earned a higher overall customer satisfaction score than Progressive. State Farm customers report great customer service and effortless communication with the insurer, it gets 4 stars rating out of 5 based on's analysis.

Progressive Vs State Farm: Which offers better discounts?

One of the best ways to save on your insurance policy is by taking advantage of all the discounts for which you are eligible. State Farm and Progressive both offer multiple discounts. But State Farm scores more in this category because it offers more discount options than Progressive.

Progressive Vs State Farm: Which has better coverage options?

You can always upgrade your insurance policy by getting additional coverage. Progressive and State Farm both provide plenty of coverage options, but if we compare the two insurers, Progressive has more options than State Farm.

Progressive offers various coverages that aren’t available from State Farm, including no drop promise and accident forgiveness.

Progressive Vs State Farm: Which provides better online support?

State Farm offers a lot of services through mobile devices, and they also have a team dedicated to social media communication. They have six mobile apps that allow them to stay in touch with customers and provide help online. Similarly, Progressive has a mobile app that allows users to pay their bills and file a claim on the go.

Progressive Vs State Farm: Claims processing

Progressive and State Farm both have similar claims processing. Both the insurance companies have earned 4 stars ratings out of 5, based on an analysis by

A.M financial gives A++ financial strength ratings to State Farm, whereas Progressive scores an A+. This rating shows the insurance companies' financial strength to pay claims.

Progressive Vs State Farm: Cheapest based on driver profile

State Farm is a better choice for drivers who are dealing with an at-fault accident, careless driving, DUI/DWI offense, reckless driving and speeding on their record. It's important to compare quotes and understand how each insurance company works because they have different rates for your specific situation.

Below we compare insurance rates between State Farm and Progressive for drivers with different traffic violations on their record.

Profile Value (group)State FarmProgressive
1 At-fault property damage accident over $2K$1,676$2,733
1 At-fault property damage accident under $2K$1,657$2,697
At-fault bodily injury accident$1,708$2,746
Careless driving$1,597$2,431
DUI/DWI first offense$1,922$2,203
Reckless driving$1,798$2,520

Progressive Vs State Farm: rates by age

On average, Progressive provides cheaper car insurance rates for teens, adults, and young drivers than State Farm. While both Progressive and State Farm provide insurance to senior drivers at almost similar rates.

Insurance companies take into account a driver's age when setting their insurance premiums. Teens have higher odds of being involved in an accident, so they pay more for insurance than older or experienced drivers.

Company NameCompany Name
Age (group)State FarmProgressive
Young Adults$2,530$2,676