Cheapest for teen drivers: State Farm

State Farm has cheaper car insurance rates than Farmers for both male and female teen drivers, according to’s rate study. The average cost of insuring a car for a male teen with State Farm is $3,480 a year – that's $3,833 less than the average insurance cost to insure a teen with Farmers.

Young, inexperienced drivers pay higher car insurance premiums because they're at risk of being involved in accidents. As a driver gets older and more experienced, their rates start to decrease steadily.

Use the below table to compare rates for male and female teenage drivers from State Farm and Farmers.

State Farm$ 3,480$ 4,175
Farmers$ 7,313$ 7,710

Cheapest for young adult drivers: State Farm

State Farm wins in this category as well. According to analysis, State Farm offers cheaper car insurance rates for young male and female drivers. State Farm insurance costs an average of $2,452 a year for young male drivers, whereas Farmers charges $3,077 a year for male drivers of the same age group.

The table below shows the State Farm and Farmers average annual car insurance rates for young drivers.

State Farm$ 2,129$ 2,452
Farmers$ 2,862$ 3,077

Cheapest for adult drivers: State Farm

According to research, State Farm’s average car insurance rates are cheaper for adult drivers than Farmers' average rates. State Farm offers adult male drivers a full coverage policy for $1,469 a year, while Farmers has an average annual cost of $2,001 per year for the same coverage.

Below are the average State Farm and Farmers car insurance rates for adult drivers:

State Farm$ 1,446$ 1,469
Farmers$ 2,028$ 2,001

Cheapest for senior drivers: State Farm

Senior drivers often have a hard time finding affordable car insurance. However, State Farm has cheaper car insurance rates for senior drivers than Farmers, based on analysis. found that State Farm has rates that are 34% cheaper than Farmers for senior male drivers.

Below are the average State Farm and Farmers car insurance rates for senior drivers:

State Farm$ 1,344$ 1,344
Farmers$ 1,941$ 2,024

Cheapest car insurance company based on driving profile

Your credit score and driving record are two essential factors in determining your car insurance rates. A low credit rating, any violations, or an accident on your record can lead to a high premium for you.

State Farm is the more affordable choice for drivers with poor credits, DUI, and speeding tickets. 

Cheapest for a driver with poor credits: State Farm

 State Farm offers the cheaper rates for drivers with poor credit scores at about $4,264 for male drivers--- that's 21% cheaper than the average rate of Farmers. 

However, in states like California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan, insurance companies are not allowed to use credit scores as a parameter to calculate insurance rates.

The table below provides average insurance premiums for Farmers and State Farm for drivers with poor credits.

State Farm$ 4,264$ 4,264
Farmers$ 5,605$ 5,389

Cheapest for drivers with DUI: State Farm 

According to research, State Farm provides cheaper insurance rates to drivers with a DUI on their record than Farmers. Its average annual rate is $3,462 for both male and female drivers. However, it's still $2,027 more than the State Farm national average yearly rate for a 40-year-old driver with a clean record.

Around 32 people die in drunk-driving crashes every day in the United States— that's one person every 45 minutes, according to NHTSA. Drivers with a DUI on their record pose a greater risk to insurance companies and thus face increased insurance premiums. 

Below are the average annual rates from State Farm and Farmers for drivers with a DUI on their record.

State Farm$ 3,462$ 3,462
Farmers$ 4,586$ 4,487

Cheapest for a driver with speeding tickets: State Farm

 State Farm offers cheaper car insurance rates for drivers with speeding tickets at about $2,088 a year for both male and female drivers. Farmers' rate for male drivers with speeding tickets on their record is $3,725 -- $1,637 more than State Farm's average rates for male drivers. 

The table below compares rates between State Farm and Farmers for drivers with speeding tickets.

State Farm$ 2,088$ 2,088
Farmers$ 3,822$ 3,725

State Farm Vs. Farmers: Discounts

When it comes to choosing a car insurance provider, there are many factors to consider. Both State Farm and Farmers offer various discounts that can save drivers money on their premiums.

 State Farm and Farmers provide discounts for things like having multiple policies with the company, having a clean driving record, and completing a defensive driving course. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your circumstances and which discounts you are eligible for.

Below is a list of discounts offered by State Farm and Farmers:

Category Farmers State Farm
Anti-theft deviceYesYes
Daily commuteNoYes
Days advanced purchaseYesNo
Days per week drivenNoYes
Defensive driverYesYes
Driver trainingYesYes
Electronic funds transferYesNo
Good studentYesYes
Lower annual mileageYesYes
Loyalty - Years renewal with companyYesYes
Marital statusYesNo
Paperless/electronic documentsYesNo
Payment typeYesNo
Primary useYesYes
Purchase statusYesNo
Safety devicesYesYes
Student away at schoolYesYes
Years insuredYesYes
Years licensedYesYes

Final Thoughts: State Farm Vs. Farmers

Both State Farm and Farmers are well-established companies with a long history of providing quality service. Both insurers are also reliable choices for car insurance. However, State Farm offers comprehensive coverage at a lower price point. Farmers is close, but their rates are just slightly higher than State Farm.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing an insurer, so taking the time to compare your options can help you find affordable coverage for your insurance needs.