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USAA and Progressive are two of the popular insurance companies in the U.S. Both the insurers have a lot to offer, making it difficult for you to choose between them. However, USAA offers the lowest insurance rates compared to Progressive.

To make insurance shopping easy for you we have gathered quotes from both the insurance companies as well as analyzed the carriers based on several rating factors. Find the right insurance policy for you today.

Key takeaways

  • Progressive's average annual rate for full coverage is $1,852, while USAA provides full coverage for $1,280 annually.
  • Teenagers should consider buying insurance from USAA as its rates are lower than Progressive. Progressive offers insurance for teenagers at an average of $6238 per year, while USAA provides insurance to teen drivers for $3,462 per year.
  • For customer service, USAA earned 4 out of 5 stars and Progressive earned 3.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Both The Auto Club Group and Progressive offer various discounts including - multi-vehicle, defensive driving, and a few others.

USAA vs Progressive: Which one is the cheapest?

If price is what’s most important, USAA is likely going to be the better choice. USAA usually offers lower rates than Progressive. USAA offers full coverage insurance for an average of $1,280 per year and Progressive provides full coverage for $1,852 annually.

The cost of state minimum coverage from USAA is $312 per year and Progressive offers state minimum coverage for $585 annually. However, it’s still a good idea to get quotes from both companies though to see what’s better for your specific situation.

CompanyAverage annual rate for full coverageAverage annual rate for state minimum coverage

USAA vs Progressive: Rates by age group

USAA has the cheapest insurance rates for most age groups. Insurance companies have different rates depending on your age. They use it as an indicator to determine how much risk a drive poses and then price policies accordingly.

Car insurance rates are higher for teenagers as they are considered high risk by insurers. Teens should consider buying insurance from USAA, as its rates are lower than Progressive. USAA offers insurance for teenagers at an average of $3,462 per year, whereas Progressive provides insurance to teen drivers for $6,238 annually.

Age (group)USAAProgressive
Young adults$1,662$2,446

USAA vs Progressive: Rates for high-risk drivers

In our study we found that Progressive is an affordable insurer for most drivers than USAA. Progressive is the cheapest for drivers with a DUI/DWI first offense. Its average annual rate is $2,233 and USAA's rates after a DUI/DWI offense is $2,264 per year.

When it comes to finding affordable rates for high-risk drivers, USAA and Progressive are two of the best options out there. Although both companies are viable options for high-risk drivers, one may be a better fit for your specific needs. By examining the rates mentioned in the table below, you can make an informed decision about which insurer offers the best rates for your specific situation.

Profile Value (group)USAAProgressive
1 At-fault property damage accident over $2K$1,634$2,748
1 At-fault property damage accident under $2K$1,614$2,714
At-fault bodily injury accident$1,645$2,760
Careless driving$1,572$2,455
DUI/DWI first offense$2,264$2,233
Reckless driving$1,701$2,537

USAA vs Progressive: Customer service and tech friendly

For customer service, USAA earned 4 stars out of 5, while Progressive earned 3.5 stars.

Which insurance company provides a better online experience? Both USAA and Progressive offer online quotes comparison. Apart from that, they have easy to use mobile apps that allow you to pay bills, view your profile and file insurance claims.

USAA vs Progressive: Which has better coverage options?

Every state has different requirements for car insurance, this is because the laws surrounding driving vary from place to place. However, each insurer offers standard coverage such as liability, comprehensive and collision coverage to make sure you're protected if anything goes wrong.

Both USAA and Progressive have a wide range of coverage options. Below table shows the different coverages offered by USAA and Progressive:

USAA vs Progressive: Which offers better discounts?

Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts to help you save money on your car insurance. While they may not seem like much, these dollar amounts add up to trim your insurance costs. Check out what discount options USAA and Progressive offer to policyholders, and which carrier fits your needs.

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