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Texas Auto Insurance: Cell Phone Law - Better Safe Than Sorry

By Insurance.com Posted : 02/19/2007

Over the past decade, cell phones have evolved from luxury items to absolute necessities for most on-the-go Americans. Consumers now use cell phones not only for business and personal calls but also to text message, take pictures, and even listen to their favorite music. The omnipresent nature of cell phones is not, however, without a price as the National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) estimates cell phone-related car accidents are on the rise with distracted drivers causing over 25% of all police-reported traffic accidents.

Concerned with the impact of cell phone use on driving safety, Texas lawmakers have enacted cell phone laws banning the following types of drivers from using cell phones while driving:

  • Intermediate license holders
  • Bus drivers when a passenger 17 years-old or younger is present

Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no state-wide ban on hand-held cell phone use in Texas nor are local jurisdictions authorized to regulate cell phone use. While Texas law may not limit hand-held cell phone use significantly, safety experts recommend that you follow these guidelines when using a cell phone in your car:

  • Use a hands-free phone
  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times
  • Never dial while driving
  • Avoid using your phone in bad weather or heavy traffic
  • Avoid stressful conversations while driving
  • Never look up phone numbers while driving

For the latest information on Texas cell phone laws as well as the cell phone laws of other states, please visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the Governors Highway Safety Association.

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