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The average BMW M240i car insurance rate for 2021 is $2,320 based on the profile of a 30-year-old driver. However, car insurance rates by state vary dramatically based on your ZIP code, among other factors. The state where you live plays a significant role in determining your insurance rate. For example, Michigan is the most expensive state for car insurance with an average insurance cost of $4,004 a year, whereas New Hampshire has the lowest BMW M240i insurance rates for full coverage, with an annual insurance cost of $1,506 on average for drivers aged 30.

Average insurance cost of Bmw M240i by model year
Year of Bmw M240i ModelAverage Cost to Insure

Compare BMW M240i Insurance Rates by State

Company Style Premium(Avg) Full Coverage(Avg) Liability Coverage(Avg) State Minimum Coverage(Avg)
Allstate Ins Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,364$2,665$759$667
Berkshire Hathaway Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,002$2,241$449$316
Farmers Ins Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,317$2,525$762$664
Nationwide Corp Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,914$4,035$983$725
Progressive Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,408$3,408$483$332
State Farm Grp2 Door Convertible Turbo$1,347$2,671$801$569
Allstate Ins Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,364$2,665$759$667
Berkshire Hathaway Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,004$2,246$449$316
Farmers Ins Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,546$2,901$930$808
Nationwide Corp Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,835$3,883$935$688
Progressive Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,412$3,370$518$349
State Farm Grp2 Door Coupe Turbo$1,415$2,804$843$598

2020 Bmw M240i Insurance Rates

companiesAverage Premium
Progressive Universal Ins Co$1,125
Artisan & Truckers Cas Co$1,369
Progressive Advanced Ins Co$1,453
Nationwide Agribusiness Ins Co$1,494
Geico Cas Co$1,514
Progressive Paloverde Ins Co$1,529
Farmers Ins Co Of ID$1,571
State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co$1,639
Progressive Garden State Ins Co$1,686
Progressive Classic Ins Co$1,692
Government Employees Ins Co$1,694
Farmers Ins Of Columbus Inc$1,728
Nationwide Affinity Co of Amer$1,728
Progressive HI Ins Corp$1,734
Depositors Ins Co$1,852
Progressive Specialty Ins Co$1,904
Allied Prop & Cas Ins Co$1,911
Farmers Ins Co Of OR$1,939
Geico Ind Co$1,988
State Farm Ind Co$2,030
Progressive Gulf Ins Co$2,048
Geico Gen Ins Co$2,053
Nationwide Mut Ins Co$2,055
Victoria Fire & Cas Co$2,113
Progressive Marathon Ins Co$2,180
Illinois Farmers Ins Co$2,224
Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer$2,256
Farmers Ins HI Inc$2,313
Berkshire Hathaway Grp$2,323
Progressive Southeastern Ins Co$2,335
Progressive Northwestern Ins Co$2,357
Amco Ins Co$2,404
Progressive Direct Ins Co$2,445
Progressive Northern Ins Co$2,516
Mid Century Ins Co$2,548
Progressive Max Ins Co$2,572
Farmers Ins Co Inc$2,591
Progressive Preferred Ins Co$2,601
Nationwide Prop & Cas Ins Co$2,605
Farmers Ins Co Of AZ$2,632
Progressive Select Ins Co$2,670
Farmers Ins Co Of WA$2,802
Allstate Northbrook Ind Co$2,895
Allstate NJ Prop & Cas Ins Co$2,908
Allstate Ins Co$2,934
Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co$3,026
21st Century Centennial Ins Co$3,041
Progressive Cas Ins Co$3,151
Allstate Ind Co$3,194
United Financial Cas Co$3,229
Allstate Prop & Cas Ins Co$3,263
Progressive Security Ins Co$3,351
Progressive Mountain Ins Co$3,355
Nationwide Mut Fire Ins Co$3,501
Farmers Ins Exch$3,733
Colonial Cnty Mut Ins Co$5,010
Average Cost to Insure $2,372/year
Cheapest Rate $1,125/year
Available Trims XDrive

2019 Bmw M240i Insurance Rates

companiesAverage Premium
State Farm Grp$851
Berkshire Hathaway Grp$910
Nationwide Corp Grp$1,143
Progressive Grp$1,291
Farmers Ins Grp$1,374
Allstate Ins Grp$1,404
Average Cost to Insure $1,162/year
Cheapest Rate $851/year
Available Trims XDrive

2018 Bmw M240i Insurance Rates

companiesAverage Premium
State Farm Grp$834
Berkshire Hathaway Grp$885
Nationwide Corp Grp$1,147
Progressive Grp$1,273
Farmers Ins Grp$1,345
Allstate Ins Grp$1,354
Average Cost to Insure $1,140/year
Cheapest Rate $834/year
Available Trims XDrive

2017 Bmw M240i Insurance Rates

companiesAverage Premium
State Farm Grp$817
Berkshire Hathaway Grp$950
Nationwide Corp Grp$1,144
Progressive Grp$1,261
Farmers Ins Grp$1,321
Allstate Ins Grp$1,327
Average Cost to Insure $1,137/year
Cheapest Rate $817/year
Available Trims XDrive